Top 5 Benefits of Google Search Console


Start benefitting from Google Search Console reports to ensure your website is optimized and performing well.

Top 5 Benefits of Google Search Console

Start benefitting from Google Search Console reports to ensure your website is optimized and performing well.

Top 5 Benefits of Google Search Console

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Are you challenged trying to improve your search results ranking, search traffic, and / or user experience of your website? Then, Google Search Console is the answer. This extremely useful and free tool, formerly known as the Google Webmaster Tool, is a web service by Google that allows you to optimize the content on your website with search analytics. That means you get real-time data on how the search engine is analyzing your website. Accordingly, you can monitor its performance.
Once you are set up, you can check site indexing, receive alerts about errors and / or broken pages on the site, gain insights to improve your site’s mobile usability, and more. These helpful features make it a valuable tool for business owners, web developers, site administrators, and marketers.

Advantages of Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console for your website gives you access to valuable insights and reports that have the power to transform your web performance. See how you can take advantage of this FREE beneficial tool to enhance your website:

1. Improve Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Ranking:

When you build a site for your business, your main aim should be to provide a seamless user experience. The more users find the information on your website helpful, the more your website climbs up the ranks on SERPs to become easily discoverable. Google Search Console allows you to see how webpages will perform on Google’s SERP.


To improve your ranking you need to make HTML improvements by using appropriate tags and meta descriptions to structure the information cohesively. Start by using structured data or schema markup to effectively categorize your content based on the business objectives you wish to display on the website. Also, make the most of site links as they appear on the SERPs, below the main URL of the website, allowing users to easily navigate to key webpages. The performance of these elements can be observed using click through rate information on your website’s Google Search Console dashboard.

google search console overview
Google Search Console Overview Dashboard

2. Increase Organic Search Traffic

There is no better way to understand your website’s traffic than by checking out Google Search Console’s (GSC) comprehensive reports to understand why websites in a domain rank higher or get more traffic, and compare the findings with the content on your website. This will allow you to identify SEO weaknesses and give you the opportunity to correct them.

Promising results are achieved by developing content using keywords, effectively managing internal links, and gaining backlinks from external websites with strong page and domain authority. If you include these in your B2B content marketing strategy, you will be able to target your audience effectively and increase search traffic organically.

3. Understand Google's Indexing

When you deploy your website or introduce a new webpage, you also need to check the index status report to know if the pages are properly recognized or indexed by Google, as well as other search engines (e.g. Bing). You can check the GSC to track the number of pages that currently appear in Google’s results. Often, businesses forget to downsize the content on their website, yielding obsolete products and services pages. This too impacts the ranking of your website. Therefore, it’s necessary to audit the website to identify blocked pages, remove duplicate content and URLs, and update keywords to stay relevant.  You can do all that by monitoring the Google Search Console Index Overview.

indexed page coverage on google search console
Google Search Console - Indexed Page Coverage

4. Discover Crawl Errors

Have you experienced errors like 404 Not Found, DNS, 503 Service Unavailable? When these errors occur, they can affect your user experience and website performance on Google. Google Search Console (GSC) highlights such errors and keeps a record to ensure you fix the problem and restore services quickly. The sooner your webpage and its interactive elements load, the better it is for crawling. If there are pages on your website that you don’t want Google to crawl, or you want to look for errors proactively, you could test the robot.txt markup to get the job done.

5. Get Google Site Messages

Stay on top of critical issues such as malware alerts, crawl issues, and spam with the help of Google Search Console. The site messaging feature sends an alert from Google and ensures that you are the first to know when Google detects a problem. When you receive such alerts, all you need to do is resolve the issue as soon as possible to protect your website from potential risks. Once resolved, you can notify Google about the resolution to restore your overall website performance. Pro tip, make sure to quickly resolve such issues to yield true long-run benefits. 

Get Started with Google Search Console

It’s not too difficult to get started with Google Search Console, you just need to put in the time and effort to truly reap its benefits. On top of that, signing up for Google Search Console, as a FREE tool to add to your toolkit, without the hassle of paid upgrades. You just need to get access and prove the ownership of your site to be able to view powerful insights.


Are you running low on bandwidth and unable to give your website the attention it deserves? From setting up your Google Search Console to simplifying the process of generating and translating reports, Maven Collective Marketing can handle it all. We offer a comprehensive Digital Performance Audit to determine areas of improvement and will act as an extension of your team to help you succeed with better web performance. Reach out to our knowledgeable experts who will walk you through all of it with ease. Book your consultation today!

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