We are Maven Collective

Maven Collective was born out of our insatiable passion for all aspects of marketing. We work with Business-to-Business (B2B) software organizations, just like you, to transform and improve their marketing strategy and practices to measurably improve their results.

Who We Are

Since 2012, we have expanded the scope and breadth of how we partner with our clients in all areas of digital marketing and marketing strategy, but we have not deviated from our dedication to partner with B2B clients, which stems from our origin of our Founder's experience working as a B2B Software Marketer and Strategist for well over a decade.

Okay, we may have partnered with few clients outside of the technology industry, but they were exceptional businesses and people (you know who you are and we still love you).

But who are we really you ask? We are goofy & genuine. We are fun-loving, passionate, creative and curious. We are extremely loyal and dedicated to our clients. We bask in the glory of each client's success and genuinely feel that your wins are our wins.

Our Core Values


We remain curious & pursue peculiar.


Creativity is stitched in the fiber of all that we do - our very thought process is to pursue the peculiar.

We approach each client and business as individuals, uniquely built, while bringing our extensive background in B2B software marketing. Creativity drives us to discover new ways of connecting. We are lifelong learners and persistent creators. We remain curious, even when we think we have the answer; you never know when you will find a better solution to the same problem.


Some would say to a fault.


We are fiercely loyal to our clients, some would say to a fault.

We put the priorities and interests of our clients before our own. Has this come back to bite us, even more than once? Yes, but we would do it again every time because it is who we are and how we believe how partnerships should work. Loyalty is how we sustain authentic relationships/partnerships with our clients. A reliable partnership is how all great business relationships are built upon.


True to ourselves and to you.


Authentic is the only way we know how to be, but we recognize this is not the norm.

Being authentic means we remain true to ourselves and our values, it is a primary reason we specialize in B2B software marketing, we aren't B2C marketers. Being authentic not only serves ourselves but our clients well as we push our clients to show their most authentic self to build stronger connections and relationships.


Client partnerships are built on this principle.


Integrity is critical to establishing trust and maintaining trust with our client family.

Without integrity we could not have been successful, working with the same clients year-after-year as well as during sensitive times of transition and change, remaining a trusted resource and advisor. Every client partnership is build upon the principle of integrity that resonants with every interaction we have.

Multi-Award Winning B2B Marketing Agency

Award Winning B2B Marketing Agency - Website Agency Award Winner

How We Work

1Are you ready to get started working with Maven Collective Marketing? We'd love to! First, we will meet with you 1-on-1 with a short, 20-minute consultation. Don't be intimidated, we just want to get to know you, your business, your values and your goals to see how we align with you.

2 Next, if we agree we are a good match, we will review your goals and current marketing metrics to create a recommendation on how we move forward as partners to help you transform your marketing results to align with the goals you want to achieve and the direction your business is headed.

3We meet with you once more, briefly, to make sure we are all on the same page to agree on expectations, project scopes and realistic timelines (this involves some light paperwork to solidify our partnership). Then we are set - we become an extension of you team and you join our Maven Collective Marketing client family. Welcome aboard mate!

❤ 2% of Revenue for Charity

We have dedicated 2% of our revenue to charity because we strongly believe in paying it forward. We have had the fortune and opportunity to follow our dreams and pursue our passions in the work we love to do and the clients we love to work with.

We want to enable others to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. If you would like to learn more about how and who profits are donated to, email us at maven@mavencollectivemarketing.com.

If you are interested in Maven Collective Marketing becoming involved with your non-profit organization please drop us a line at maven@mavencollectivemarketing.com. We look forward to hearing from you!