Leading ISV for Intranet Solutions Case Study

Discover how BONZAI Intranet worked with Maven Collective Marketing to Position itself as a leader in the intranet space.

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The Leading Marketing Partner for Microsoft Partners


BONZAI engaged with Maven Collective to better reflect itself as a brand with a website refresh and updated content marketing strategy. The engagement with Maven Collective Marketing materialized:


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Marketing Qualified Leads


Increase in Sales Qualified Leads


Successful Acquisition

Gap in Microsoft Partner Marketing Strategy


While BONZAI successfully created an award-winning customizable intranet, they identified a gap in their marketing strategy that was preventing them from establishing themselves as a leader in the oversaturated intranet space. BONZAI was looking to implement a robust lead generation strategy that would position their brand for growth and needed help doing so.


Maven Collective Marketing, with its award-winning expertise in B2B Digital Marketing and specialization in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, was brought in to redefine BONZAI’s brand and strategy. Maven Collective’s strategic approach transformed BONZAI’s brand, positioning them as an industry leader for intranet solutions through targeted marketing initiatives.

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“Maven Collective Marketing has elevated our brand to new heights, from every individual piece of educational collateral to our stunning and comprehensive website. Although the website is only a few weeks old, we have already seen a significant increase in the quality of our website leads, resulting in nearly 100% conversion to a demo.”

Marisa Goldenberg
CEO, BONZAI Intranet

Tailored B2B Marketing and Microsoft Partner Marketing Services


BONZAI was able to solidify its position as a leader in the intranet space with extensive Partner Marketing Services offered by Maven Collective Marketing, including:
Marketing Strategy & Brand Positioning
Website Redesign & Content Optimization
SEO/SEM Content Strategy
Paid Advertising/Conversion Optimization
Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization
Buyer Journey Tracking & Architecture
Event Marketing & Conference Production
Email Marketing/Marketing Automation

Craft A Holistic B2B Digital Marketing Strategy With The Mavens


Through working with 100s of Microsoft Partners globally, Maven Collective Marketing demonstrates measurable B2B marketing expertise across the Microsoft ecosystem. Maven Collective Marketing takes a unique approach to working with each Microsoft Partner, helping them evolve to compete and thrive in the oversaturated marketplace of software sameness.


Access the full BONZAI Case Study to learn more about how BONZAI’s partnership with Maven Collective Marketing led to the wins of numerous accolades, including the PR Daily Content Marketing Award, Gold dotCOMM Award, MarCom Gold Award, Standard of Excellence WebAward and Summit Creative Award.

"Where do I start? My experience working with Maven Collective has restored my faith in the power of marketing. They deeply understand today’s buyer. They know that to create qualified leads, you must mirror the buyer’s journey. Every piece of marketing collateral has been crafted to educate and entice.”

Rayna O'Neil
VP of Sales, BONZAI Intranet
Rayna O'Neil - Vice President of Sales - BONZAI Intranet - B2B Marketing Work - Microsoft Partner Client-modified

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