New Tech, Legacy Tech and More on the Way: Taming the MarTech Chaos (and Trends to Look Out For)


With the multitude of MarTech tools out there, learn how you can select the best ones to support your business objectives and maximize your ROI.

New Tech, Legacy Tech and More on the Way: Taming the MarTech Chaos (and Trends to Look Out For)

With the multitude of MarTech tools out there, learn how you can select the best ones to support your business objectives and maximize your ROI.

New Tech, Legacy Tech and More on the Way

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Do you remember, as child, going to a candy store? Seeing all the walls lined with hundreds of brightly colored varietal, bulk candies. It was then the deluge of choice would overwhelm your brain as you scampered through the store to mix and match the many variations of candy flavors – fruity, chewy, rich, chocolatey, sour – into a perfect combination of absolute bliss in a bag.

Being a digital marketer in 2023 is a similar experience, except the store got bigger and so did the price tag.

With the abundance of marketing technology (MarTech) available today, marketers can feel a bit like that kid in a candy store again. In 2020 alone, Scott Brinker reported over 8,000 different MarTech tools. According to another study done by Progress Software, marketers use an average of 120 MarTech tools just to perform their daily job tasks. This number continues to increase year after year.

So, how do marketers make all these selections to tame all the chaos of ultimate choice while ensuring tools are supporting business objectives and strong marketing outcomes? How does one determine the right MarTech stack for your business?

From new tech to legacy tech and more on the way, we discuss taming the MarTech paradox of choice chaos.

What is MarTech?

You’re probably thinking there’s no way the average marketer is using 120 different MarTech tools. But when you consider the definition of MarTech is any technology marketers use to optimize their marketing efforts and work to achieve their objectives—it makes sense. For example, think about your social media engagement tools, content management systems, lead-capturing services, project management platforms, marketing automation software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, SEO and web analytic tools…suddenly it’s not so hard to see why the MarTech landscape has over 8,000 options and counting… At what point does having all these MarTech tools go from tech advantage to distracting MarTech chaos?

Taming the MarTech Chaos

One of the first sign of MarTech chaos is when the tools you’re using no longer enhance performance—but hinder it. You’re stuck with a myriad of underutilized and siloed solutions that aren’t working cohesively. Often, the solution for this is to replace one tool with another. But you’ll soon find that without fully understanding the problem, replacing MarTech with more MarTech is just a temporary fix. So, what are we fixing exactly? Marketers must consider how new and emerging technology will work with the tools they already have in place. If you plan on overhauling your tech stack, you need to think about how these tech changes are going to impact the business, and most importantly, the employees that will be using it and the customers that will likely be on the receiving end in some way.

Legacy Tech and the Battle of Scalability

Another common issue that contributes to MarTech chaos is sticking with legacy tech that is no longer serving you. We see this time and time again with old legacy solutions that can’t scale with the business as it grows. Often, marketers are forced to try to make these archaic solutions work because, “that’s just how it’s been done for x years”. In order to tame the MarTech chaos, evaluating your current tech stack is crucial. Ensure that what you’re currently using is aiding you in achieving your goals while meeting the current expectation of performance.  If the MarTech solution is falling short, it’s time to consider upgrading. Today, MarTech is built to natively integrate with other platforms that are typically paired in order to complete the optimal MarTech solution stack with full visibility throughout the buyer journey. It’s important to evaluate integration capabilities when assessing new tools to add to your MarTech stack with this capability in mind.
elevate your martech stack
Evaluating Tools to Add to MarTech Stack

MarTech Trends for 2023

With the introduction of new MarTech every year, how does one keep up? It’s safe to say that as the MarTech landscape continues to expand, the feeling of being an overwhelmed, hyper kid in a candy store won’t be dissipating any time soon. Having said that, staying ahead of the MarTech trends we expect to see in the next year can help prepare you for what’s to come. Now is the time to start evaluating these upcoming options to see how they fit into your current tech stack and align with your business goals. Below are a few upcoming MarTech trends we’re excited about:

1. Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially over the last 5 years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, over 65% of businesses are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget next year.


Influencer marketing has proven to be quite fruitful for organizations. The problem is it’s time-consuming and labor-intensive to do properly. Enter: influencer marketing platforms.


These influencer marketing platforms automate finding and reaching out to influencers in your space. While there are already a few on the market, we predict that more and more will pop up over the next year as influencer marketing continues to grow.

2. Podcast MarTech

Over a third of North Americans listen to podcasts on a regular basis, and this number continues to grow year over year. Due to this high demand, we’re starting to see a number of new MarTech products specifically for podcasts. These tools are expected to help source podcast hosts and guests, as well as with editing, audio and more. MarTech tools specifically for podcasts will also help with the promotion of podcasts and any other marketing activities. With the rise of podcast listening, expect to see a slew of new MarTech centered around podcasts introduced.

3. Ad Campaign Automation with AI

We’re in the digital era, and that means more organizations are advertising online than ever before. Advertising campaign management can be manual and tedious, but we’re seeing automated advertising campaign management tools change that. More specifically, tools that automate bidding and programmatic ads through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


But don’t fret—robots aren’t coming for your job! A real person still needs to manage campaigns, develop creatives, write ad copy and more. But other aspects of ad management can be handled solely by AI.

4. ChatGPT

We can’t discuss the use of AI in marketing without bringing up ChatGPT, which has quickly taken over the internet and even been coined the best AI to be released to the general public. An efficient chatbot, ChatGPT responds to user queries in a simple way, using natural language processing to provide solutions. ChatGPT can help generate ideas for content, but of course can’t replace the touch of a professional marketer, and therefore should be used in conjunction with other MarTech tools to maximize success. ChatGPT already had over a million users a week after its launch in November 2022, and is expected to cross one billion users by the end of 2023.

Maximize Performance Without the Chaos

Overall, MarTech ‘chaos’ is here to stay. But it doesn’t need to be just that—chaos. When marketers start to think about technology, ensure that you have a need and strategy for those solutions. Make sure that you’ve evaluated your current tech stack and understand how each MarTech solution interacts with each other to fully understand how your data will be integrated and with the best set up, built, between them. Think more about the overall MarTech landscape at your business, rather than each tool individually. This will ensure maximum productivity and performance and help you tame the MarTech chaos. The Mavens can help you navigate the MarTech chaos to select the right MarTech stack for your business.  Reach out to schedule a MarTech discovery call with us today!

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