Virtual Event Engagement: Is Your Audience Actually Listening?

Boost Your B2B Virtual Event Engagement

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Intended Audience: Microsoft Partners, SaaS Owners, B2B Marketers

Virtual Events have been evergrowing since work from home (WFH) became a reality for the majority of working adults since the outbreak of COVID-19.   Trying to stay connected and informed has now been transformed to screens, rather than days long conferences and all-day in-person meetings.


Given this facilitating virtual events is a skill set most organizations had to add to their toolkit to keep the doors open and the lights on. Thanks to the rapid evolvement of technologies, such as Microsoft Teams and dedicated webinar platforms (e.g. GoToWebinar, Zoom Webinar, Microsoft Teams LIVE Events), one can easily host and attend virtual conferences and seminars, globally, with just a click of a button, from the comfort and safety of their home.


To successfully organize a virtual event and make it an experience to remember for all the participants, it’s necessary to curate visually appealing and informative content to grab attendees’ attention and hold on to it for the duration of the event. Create an engaging environment that encourages people to utilize all their senses to help combat participation fatigue. When such elements are planned well, virtual events can be extremely cost-efficient, easier to manage than live sessions, and help you generate leads and drive results.

virtual event - live conference
Hosting an Interactive Virtual Conference

Let’s look at what you can do at different stages of a virtual event to offer your audience an enriching experience.

Tips to Drive That Virtual Event Engagement

Pre-Session Activities

  1. Finding the right platform to host your event. How do you know if the platform you selected is right for your business? It all boils down to your target audience. Consider the comfort level of your audience with the platform you select: how many people can you accommodate in your virtual event, and/or if the platform offers interactive features or analytics to track the success of your event.

  2. Once you have selected the right platform, you must set a theme or objective for the event around which you can plan your content. If you plan to have multiple speakers, make sure to provide them plenty of time so that they can curate their content and practice to captivate the target audience virtually.

  3. Building your social media strategy is equally important as organizing or planning the nitty-gritty of the virtual conference. With the right social media strategy, you can boost the presence of your virtual event or conference on various platforms and share valuable information (e.g.  speaker line-up, contest alerts, and registration/ticketing info). To create hype and reach the right audience, you need to strategically plan your posts, use relevant hashtags, geo-target the posts, and optimize the content. Most importantly, make sure to find the right balance to build that rapport with your audience to form genuine connection and engagement.
virtual event social media engagement
Promote Your Virtual Event Across Social Channels

In-Session Engagement Ideas

Staring at a screen continuously for an hour or more can be draining. Here is how you can make the experience worth their while:

  1. Add interactive elements like ice breaker sessions, in-session polls, quizzes, live Q&A sessions, and more. This will encourage people to interact with the speakers and fellow audience members during the virtual conference/event. It will also provide an opportunity for people to share their experiences and learn from each other, which will help build a strong mental association with your business’s product and services.

  2. Help the moderator and speakers interact with your audience during the conference by sharing or posting sneak peeks and by live-tweeting. In addition to that always be prepared to tackle any technical glitches that may arise and do not forget to plan for backups.

If you feel that your audience is split between two or more social media platforms, you could also choose to stream the conference on those platforms.

Post-Session Follow-Ups

After an event, it’s also important to gauge its success. Here are some ways you can keep their interest alive:

  1. Depending upon the nature of the event and its exclusivity, timely archive or share the recording of your event. If you were hosting an exclusive event and felt that you got a positive response, you could also choose to hold one-on-one sessions or create a series of such events to dive deep into all the important topics that resonate with your audience.

  2. Gaining valuable feedback from the audience is an effective way to get a pulse of the situation. This feedback will not just help you improve the quality of your future sessions but also enlighten you about potential opportunities that you can explore to expand your business.

  3. You should review the analytics information generated through your posts and content to measure performance and identify the type of content that’s appreciated by your audience.

  4. Creating a blog or downloadable resource post the virtual event is an effective way to recap all that was covered. It’s a powerful tool to attrat the attendees and even new prospective audiences to your website for more details.
virtual event reports
Always Look At Performance Metrics for Actionable Improvement Ideas

Need Help Driving Virtual Event Engagement?

If you are planning to host your first virtual conference or looking for ways to improve and grow your virtual event’s reach, Maven Collective Marketing has the expertise to run value-driven events for your organization. Right from planning to execution, Maven Collective Marketing has got you covered. Our experts will walk you through all the performance metrics and help generate exciting ideas to set up your B2B virtual event or conference and drive engagement.


To learn more about how the Mavens can help you with your B2B virtual event, simply reach out to us today!

B2B Celebrity Endorsements Made Easy with Cameo

Simplify Celebrity Endorsements with Cameo

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Intended Audience: Microsoft Partners, B2B Business Owners, B2B Tech Business Owners

Revised September 2023

Imagine being able to get a celebrity endorsement for your product or service from your favorite celebrity or influencer. Wouldn’t that be a welcome addition to your marketing strategy? Don’t worry, you don’t have to hire your own celebrity publicist to make the right connections to hire your favorite comedian, actor and/or musician. Now you can hire celebrities, from the entertainment industry to sports, to create personalized videos for any occasion or promotion with the help of Cameo.

What is Cameo?

Cameo is a video-sharing website that allows people to obtain curated videos and product endorsements from celebrities. Some of the most well-known Cameo celebrities that are available on this platform are Snoop Dogg, Smoky Robinson, Mia Hamm, Caitlyn Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, Emmitt Smith, Chaka Khan, George Foreman and more.


To get started, you will submit a request to hire your favorite celebrity. You should take some time and precision in completing this form, as this is what is used to compose your video endorsement.  Once they accept it, you will receive a personalized video from them! This is truly a unique way to engage with your favorite talent and create a memorable experience for your target audience. These endorsements can be used for one-on-one business relationships or for a wider audience (e.g. a new product launch).  


It is also an opportunity for businesses to experiment with their content and get creative on their social media channels.

Accessible Celebrity Endorsement Options

Cameo is an public video platform that is growing in popularity and is an excellent place for businesses to garner celebrity endorsements for their products and services without needing your own publicist to get in touch with your favorite celebrities.

celebrity endorsements with cameo
Customized Videos for Business

Here are a few considerations you need to be mindful of when booking a personalized video through Cameo:

  • VIP Services: Cameo offers VIP services for businesses if they choose to partner with them. In this case, your business will get additional benefits such as a dedicated customer services representative to manage and prioritize all your requests and a 5% service fee discount. For standard Cameo videos, there are no added perks. You get the service for what you pay.


  • Creative Brief: Since Cameo doesn’t provide refunds or permit editing celebrities’ videos to avoid the possibility of using the videos out of context, make sure to provide accurate information about the products and samples along with their phonetic pronunciations to the celebrity while booking them. This applies to personal and business videos. Also, the talent has the sole creative freedom to determine how they want to create the content.

Celebrity Endorsements vs Influencer Marketing

Now that you have a gist Cameo, you may wonder, what’s the difference between promotional celebrity cameo videos and influencer marketing. They may seem similar, but they are completely different. Here are some points that will help you clear any confusion:

  • Usage of Platform: Influencers are individuals who have gained popularity on social media platforms because of their expertise or talent in a particular field or genre. Any promotional content created by them is posted on the influencer’s social media platform and cross-promoted by the brand that may have hired the influencer to post the content. With promotional Cameo videos, you get access to the video created by the celebrity or talent, whereas, they don’t post or promote the videos on their personal social platform. It’s the brand’s responsibility to leverage that video for social promotions.


  • Revisions and Creative Control: With celebrity Cameo videos, there’s no scope for revision. Therefore, you need to find the right celebrity and share a very thorough creative brief to use as inspiration in order to deliver your request. On the other hand, with influencers, you can have more creative freedom and oversight, depending upon the budget and delivery time.


  • Terms of Contract: With social media influencers, you can negotiate and draft a contract that will benefit or meet the needs of both parties. With Cameo’s celebrity endorsement videos, you are investing in an experience, and the deliverables or license cannot be negotiated. If strategically planned, custom Cameo videos deliver significant ROI. To see how we delivered remarkable results with Cameo, keep reading.

“The World’s Most Interesting…Cameo” with Orchestry

As the social media space evolves, continually iterating on unique solutions to help people stay connected and entertained, marketers, like us, are always on the hunt for new opportunities to leverage these powerful platforms. Social media marketing is must-have for any B2B and SaaS-based business these days to connect with and understand the psyche of their target audience, and potentially new audiences as well, with needs and purpose for B2B products and services. That’s why creating an effective social media marketing strategy requires timing and creativity to be visible and trend on people’s feeds. For our trusted Microsoft Partner client, Orchestry, we strategized an ideal use of the celebrity endorsement platform to promote their latest product release and its powerful new capabilities. As B2B technology marketers, we understand how competitive the social media space can be. To freshen up Orchestry’s social media content and announce the latest release with a big endorsement, we chose to work with none other than ‘The Most Interesting Man In the World’.  Maven Collective Marketing’s purpose for this campaign was to create more awareness around Orchestry and its new features. Generating engagement on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter), which included the promotion of our release and main virtual launch event. In planning a big product release in the middle of a global pandemic, Cameo ended up being a perfect fit!
orchestry linkedin post of celebrity endorsement with cameo
Orchestry Software Collaborates with Most Interesting Man in the World

Here’s a quick breakdown of how this campaign was run, plus the social media marketing strategies that we used to leverage the celebrity Cameo video to promote a successful product release launch:

Hiring the Most Interesting Man in the World

For this social media campaign, we hired the actor Jonathan Goldsmith through Cameo. Jonathan Goldsmith is better known as “The Most Interesting Man in the World” from the beloved Dos Equis commercials. These Dos Equis commercials ran from 2006 to 2018 and gained popularity across North America. They became so popular that the internet turned them into various popular memes that are used on social media daily.


In pitching Jonathan Goldsmith as the ideal Cameo Celebrity to Orchestry, we felt the style and tone of the original Dos Equis commercials were an accurate reflection of how we wanted to position the launch of Orchestry’s latest release. The creative brief was then composed for Goldsmith to emulate that same persona in Orchestry’s Cameo video, informing and inviting the viewers to Orchestry’s official virtual launch event.


This video also inspired us to create fun-related marketing materials with Orchestry’s Co-Founder’s dog introduced as “The World’s Most Interesting Dog”, on behalf of Orchestry.

social media campaign in reference to cameo celebrity endorsement
Orchestry Mascot, Archie, taking Social Media by Storm

Cameo Leveraged X (Formerly Twitter) Performance Insights

We posted the Goldsmith’s product launch Cameo video inspired by ‘The Most Interesting Man’ commercial on Orchestry’s X (formerly Twitter). It became an instant hit and was the top-performing organic tweet of September:
  1. The campaign posts including Cameo  outperformed previous month’s top tweets by 117%.
  2. The posts also increased the company profile visits to the X (formerly Twitter) account by +750.9%.
  3. Plus, tweet impressions rose by more than 80%.

Cameo Leveraged LinkedIn Performance Insights

Additionally, the Cameo video was shared on the company’s LinkedIn to reach a wider B2B audience and technology enthusiasts from the industry. On LinkedIn as well, the video performed extremely well. 

  1. The impressions of the Cameo LinkedIn organic posts increased  by +255% and organic clicks  +150%.
  2. All the “Most Interesting Man” posts maintained a CTR of over 3.3% and an engagement rate of over 5%.
  3. The Click-Through-Rate (CTR) increased by 95% in comparison to previous organic company posts.


These results show the true impact of a well-planned and successfully executed social media campaign!


Through only organically posting and sharing the Cameo social media posts, Orchestry was able to achieve these notable outcomes. This readily displays that B2B businesses can exceed their performance on social media by creating well thought and planned campaigns by leveraging unique tools, such as Cameo.

Is Celebrity Endorsement for You?

For B2B businesses today, social media isn’t just for B2C companies anymore. Using a little creativity, and leveraging the accessibility of celebrity talent, the sky is the limit to differentiate your brand in the technology industry. To do this successfully, B2B organizations need to segment their audience and understand their preferences to make informed decisions while building a comprehensive marketing strategy that should include social media marketing. 


In the end, only you can position and prove the value of your product or service to your target audience to garner their interest and patronage. Once there’s a clear understanding of the goals, challenges, and level of competition in the market, you can define and assign budgets to achieve those marketing goals and execute on your B2B marketing strategies.


We at Maven Collective Marketing understand the pressure of putting together an extensive marketing plan. Why not involve a B2B marketing expert to help you grow further? The Maven Collective team works across North America, Europe and Australia, partnering with B2B technology organizations, such as Microsoft Partners. We  understand your competition and what it takes to standout in the sea of software and services sameness. We can not only help you put together the perfect celebrity endorsement campaign, but also implement an attractive social media movement.


Get in touch to see how the Mavens can deliver the B2B marketing expertise you can measure!

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