Amplifying Change: Maven Collective Marketing’s Annual Pay It Forward Initiative 2023 

The holidays are our favorite time of the year as the Mavens come together to select outstanding organizations to support with 1% of our annual revenue. Read on to learn more.

Maven Collective’s Annual Pay It Forward Initiative 2022 

The holidays are our favorite time of the year as the Mavens come together to select outstanding organizations to support with 1% of our annual revenue. Read on to learn more.

Acts of Kindness: The Maven Pay It Forward Initiative 2021

The Pay it Forward Initiative

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Intended Audience: Maven Collective Clients, Non-Profit Organizations, Charity Organizations 

The world has had a tough couple of years, and we have all seen how much we need to unite as a community to uplift spirits and not lose heart. When times get tough, the tough get doing. With the same spirit, Maven Collective Marketing is delighted to present its Pay It Forward initiative this holiday season.

Every year, the Mavens get together to support incredible organizations and charities to help them in their endeavor of supporting those in need. We are so proud to share the ten chosen organizations this year!

Why We Do What We Do

We feel extremely fortunate to be able to support these outstanding organizations each year that enable and empower others in our community, in our country, and in our world. This initiative fuels us year-round, but when we truly get down to the opportunity to Pay It Forward each year our hearts swell and it lifts our spirits to work harder to give more year over year,"

Maven Collective Marketing Principal B2B Marketing Maven - Erica Hakonson
Erica Hakonson
Principal & B2B Marketing Maven

Pay It Forward 2021: Selected Charities

Unicef - Give A Vax Program

Unicef has been tasked to procure and deliver over 2 billion vaccines to health workers and people in lower-income countries. By donating to the ‘Give a Vaccine Program’ we’ve helped with the distribution and accessibility of the COVID-19 vaccine for people around the world.

Cathy FitzGerald
B2B Senior Digital Strategist

"Give a Vax UNICEF is a great initiative as it provides COVID vaccines to people in developing countries that may not otherwise receive a vaccine. It's important that developed countries help their neighbors around the world by sharing the limited supply of vaccines more fairly."

Fistula Foundation

Fistula Foundation is an international organization that supports women with cost-effective surgery to help them overcome an injury that occurs during childbirth. This year with the Pay It Forward Initiative, we were able to fund a complete restorative surgery for a woman in need.

Women for Afghan Women (WAFW)

The WAFW organization aims to protect and provide essential services to women suffering from afflictions and rights violations through the unstable situation in Afghanistan.

Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS)

The IRSSS is a provincial organization with a 20-year of history of providing essential services to Indian residential school survivors and their families through health and cultural support.

“With the recovery of hundreds of children’s bodies buried in unmarked mass graves on the sites of former residential schools across Canada this year, we’ve all been made even more acutely aware of the horrific abuse that indigenous children underwent in those facilities. The lasting damage of the residential schools’ program on future generations of indigenous families can’t be overstated. The IRSSS is an important resource for those families, supporting survivors with counseling, health, and cultural services."

Maven Collective Marketing Marketing Strategist - Arianna Ardenne
Arianna Ardenne
B2B Marketing Strategist

World Central Kitchen

Nourishing and supporting communities through healthy, hot meals is the mission of the World Central Kitchen. The critical work the World Central Kitchen provides is emergency food relief to those that need a helping hand in the face of disaster around the world.

Crisis Centre of Canada

A national network of existing distress, crisis, and suicide prevention line services, Crisis Centre of Canada addresses the gaps in mental health services by supporting individuals across the country.

Maven Collective Marketing Digital Marketing Strategist - Melissa Battista
Melissa Battista
Digital Marketing Strategist

"I am a huge fan of the Crisis Centre of Canada and the work that they do to help those in need. Over the last year, mental health has become more important than ever with so many people affected by the global pandemic. I am grateful for the Crisis Centre of Canada being there for people during these extremely difficult times. Our support helps the Crisis Centre of Canada continue to help those that need it most."

Squamish Helping Hands

Squamish Helping Hands has created a supportive community that provides food, housing, sustainable funding and encourages individuals with professional support and community connection right in the community that Maven Collective Marketing is headquartered.

Nature Conservation of Canada

A non-profit conservation organization, Nature Conservation of Canada, has helped protect 35 million acres across the country. By protecting the most precious natural places, the organization protects the beauty and integrity of the great white North.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation strives to provide the best healthcare imaginable for children through its acute care center, research institute, mental health facility, and rehabilitation center.

Ronald McDonald House BC

The Ronald McDonald House BC delivers housing to over 2,000 families per year that are far from home when receiving care for children’s illnesses and major medical procedures. The house is a place of healing and provides comfort to families in tough times with the chance to be present with their loved ones.

“A lot of lives have been turned upside down over the last year and we just wanted to make a difference, even one family, if possible. We wanted to ease the struggle for families which are already going through so much, and contributing to BC Children’s and the Ronald McDonald House would be a small step towards this."

Maven Collective Marketing Digital Specialist - Samridhi Sharma
Samridhi Sharma
B2B Digital Marketing Specialist

Learn More to Pay It Forward

We are grateful to have the ability to help these organizations and support their heroic missions. We are always looking for new opportunities to support outstanding organizations that deliver services to make the world a better place and radically change lives for the better. If you would like to learn more about our contributions or provide a tip about an organization we should donate to, please feel free to reach out to us at

‘Paying It Forward’: A Simple Act of Sublime Pleasure

Maven Collective Marketing's Annual Pay It Forward Initiative

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Intended Audience: Maven Collective Clients, Non-Profit Organizations, Charity Organizations 

With all the challenges that have arisen this year, 2020 will be, if nothing else, a year to remember. Thankfully, as we approach the holiday season and settle into the dark nights, it’s time for us to uphold our favorite tradition – Maven Collective Marketing’s Annual Pay It Forward Initiative.

What is the 'Pay It Forward Initiative'?

At Maven Collective Marketing, we truly believe in giving back and paying it forward. So, we developed the Paying It Forward Initiative as a way of showing our appreciation to organizations that are working tirelessly to make the world better, kinder, and safer.


Every year, the Mavens at Maven Collective Marketing select a collection of local, national and international charities to support. This year, we have supported 13 amazing organizations (over double the number we gave to last year, wahoo!).


Here are some thoughts from the Mavens on this year’s ‘Pay It Forward Initiative’ and the charities they have selected:

Why Mavens 'Pay It Forward'

“To see this list grow and pay it forward to the organizations we admire so much makes me cherish owning a business that has the ability to do this every year. When I started as a solo entrepreneur so many years ago, my goal was to be able to pay forward a completely funded Fistula surgery for a woman in need through the Fistula Foundation. Today, we have been able to do this year after year, which makes me beam with pride. To grow our list and funds to support additional charities each year makes my heart swell with pride and fuels us to do more and give more each year.”

Erica Hakonson Maven Collective Marketing Principal & Founder
Erica Hakonson - Maven Collective Marketing Principal & Founder

Pay It Forward Initiative 2020: Selected Charities

Here is further information about the wonderful organizations our team has chosen to support this year and the work that they do to make the world better for all of us.

Fistula Foundation

Fistula is an injury that occurs during childbirth. It has largely been eradicated across the developed world but is still devastating the lives of women in the poorest of countries. The Fistula Foundation aims to “treat obstetric fistula with cost-effective, restorative surgery.” This year, our donation through the Maven Collective Marketing Pay It Forward Initiative sponsored a full Fistula Surgery for an individual.


Find out more about Fistula Foundation >

Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is Canada’s leading national land conservation organization. They work to protect Canada’s most precious natural places and have helped to protect 14 million hectares across the country since they began in 1962. Their mission is to lead and inspire others to join them in creating a legacy for future generations through conservation across Canada. Since our team of Mavens are dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, we proudly support land conservation to keep the wild, wild.


Find out more about Nature Conservancy of Canada >

Squamish Helping Hands

Since 2006, Squamish Helping Hands has been providing food and shelter programs within the Sea to Sky communities. Every year they serve an average of 35,000 meals to those in need, as well as providing 12,660 brown bag school lunches and 3,000 shelter stays. Their vision is to end homelessness and hunger in our community, to “create a community that assumes respect and dignity for all of its members”.


Find out more about Squamish Helping Hands >    

Charity Water

Charity Water is a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. To date, they have funded water projects to support over 11 million people around the world. 


Find out more about Charity Water >

North Shore Connexions Society 

North Shore Connexions Society has been fostering an environment of inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities for more than 60 years. They provide programs and services which support the development and empowerment of adults, children and families. Plus, they advocate for a full range of community-based services to support their participants’ needs. 


Maven Collective Marketing Senior Marketing Strategist
Cathy FitzGerald - Senior Marketing Strategist

“The Darkness into Light sunrise walk started in Ireland in 2009 and has grown into a global movement since. Each year the walk provides an opportunity for people to connect with their local community and to show their support for those who have been bereaved by suicide. The Kettle Society provides much-needed mental health services to people in need and it is the local charity that Darkness into Light Vancouver partnered within 2019 (the 2020 Darkness into Light Vancouver walk was canceled due to COVID). Also, I take part in the annual homeless count in Metro Vancouver and this year, I was placed at a Bloom Group Women's Shelter for the count and I was touched by the caring environment they have created for women and children in need.”

The Bloom Group

St Mark & St Philopateer

"This year, I have selected St Mark & St Philopateer as this church is heavily dependent upon the donations of its community. The church uses the donations to pay rent, host weekly service, help with clergy expenses and provide community services feeding vulnerable populations and providing further services."

Marketing Consultant at Maven Collective Marketing
Fady Azmy - Digital Marketing Maven

Plan International 

Downtown Eastside Women's Centre

“As if we needed any reminding, 2020 has been a pretty difficult year. COVID-19 has impacted everyone. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank and the Downtown Eastside Women’s shelter provide incredibly valuable services that are critical to the type of society I want to be a part of. I choose to donate to them to help them to continue to provide these services well into the future.”

Maven Collective Marketing Marketing Consultant
Andreanna Mazereeuw - Digital Marketing Maven


Maven Collective Marketing Digital Marketing Consultant
Arianna Ardenne - Digital Marketing Maven

"This year I have selected ElderDogs and The Greater Vancouver Food Bank. It's so sad when older people have to give up their canine companions! ElderDog Canada helps make sure seniors can keep their dogs at home with them as long as possible. With the extra difficult year we've been having, food banks are even more stretched than usual. They have significantly greater buying power than regular people at the grocery store, and can essentially double each dollar donated. Donating money is the best way to help out."

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

"Millions of people in Canada face food insecurity every single day. With all the additional challenges that have arisen in 2020, I have selected the Greater Vancouver Food Bank this year. More and more families are relying on food bank services this year, making the amazing work they do is more important now than ever!"

Maven Collective Marketing digital marketing consultant
Katie McCourt - Digital Marketing Maven

Crisis Centre of Canada

Ella Dinsey Digital Marketing Maven
Ella Dinsey - Digital Marketing Maven

"The Crisis Centre of Canada is able to be there for those in need when they need it most. This is a cause that is near to my heart. I hope during this tough year organizations like the Crisis Centre of Canada becomes a beacon of hope for those that need it."

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