The Microsoft Partner Network Becomes the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program  


The Microsoft Partner Network is changing. Take a look at the new Cloud Partner Program and how your organization can adapt to the upcoming changes.

The Microsoft Partner Network Becomes the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program  

The Microsoft Partner Network is changing. Take a look at the new Cloud Partner Program and how your organization can adapt to the upcoming changes.

The Rebrand of the Partner Network

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Revised August 2023

You may have heard; the Microsoft Partner Network is on the brink of some major changes. On that note, as the Microsoft Partner Marketing Agency, we are tracking its revamp to shed light on what it means for your ongoing B2B marketing strategy.

Pivoting the Microsoft Partner Network to Full Cloud

The Microsoft Partner Network is changing to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program and shifting its focus towards cloud-based solutions. This is a momentous change for Microsoft Partners, the most dramatic change in the last 15 years. So, what does this entail? First, the transformation is applicable to all Microsoft Partners, whether you build and sell services, software solutions, or devices. Your experience will be considered based on six solution areas:
  • Data & AI (Azure)
  • Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Digital & App Innovation (Azure)
  • Business Applications
  • Modern Work
  • Security
  Among the most noteworthy changes is Microsoft retiring the Gold and Silver designations. Instead, Microsoft will recognize two partner levels:
  • The Solution Partner Level: This is open to partners that meet the specific requirements across what is called the partner capability score.
  • Specialization and Experts Programs: The next level allows partners to differentiate organizations and demonstrate deep technical expertise under the solution areas listed above.
  In the run-up to the switch, the benefits program is also being tweaked. In short, you have the option to renew your benefits and will also have access to new, customized benefits that are tailored to your business focus.

What Does the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Mean for Your Business?

The Partner Capability Score is going to be of critical importance in the new partner program. To be a Solution Partner, you need to earn a minimum of 70 points out of the possible 100 points that are available in each of the following sub-categories:

  • Performance: Performance is measured by the augmentation of net customers.
  • Skilling​: This exhibits your commitment to skilling and training with intermediate and advanced certifications.
  • Customer Success​: Measured by usage growth and the number of solution deployments, Customer Success demonstrates successful customer engagements
microsoft partner network becomes cloud partner program
Partner Capability Score Explained; Source: Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Overview Deck

Why the Change from the Microsoft Partner Network?

The new scoring methodology is conducive for organizations of smaller sizes, as it makes designations more achievable by assigning more weight to strengths and goals rather than size.


The upcoming changes promise more growth and expansion for organizations as Microsoft acknowledges the shift of business operations to the Cloud. The modification also marks the expansion of the Commercial Marketplace making digital transformation accessible for every customer in need.

Adapting to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program with Maven Collective Marketing

Important and critical changes are imminent. As your trusted Microsoft Partner Marketing agency, we are going to be by your side through this transition. The Mavens will help you amplify your voice and stand out in the sea of software sameness as you adapt to the new partner designations:

  1. Enhance Your Success: Your accomplishments thus far will not go in vain; Maven Collective Marketing will use them as stepping stones to help you shine with the new partner marketing opportunities by Microsoft as you translate your existing competencies to solution designations.
  2. Plan for Triumphs: Strategize how you will introduce your new designation and expertise to existing and potential customers. The Mavens are experienced go-to-market strategists that will elevate your pitch and effortlessly position your services in the marketplace.
  3. Tap into Partner Benefits: Leave it to us to review and inform you of your Microsoft Partner program benefits to help you make the most of marketing resources provided by the Microsoft community.
  4. Prove Your Expertise: Maven Collective Marketing will assist you in displaying your innovative and successful solutions that contribute to customers’ success through memorable design elements and a distinctive tone that is unique to your brand.

Take the next step towards a fruitful Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program by aligning your organization with the Microsoft Partner Marketing agency. Whether you are a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Providers), Microsoft MSP (Managed Service Provider), Microsoft VAR (Value Added Reseller), Microsoft ISV (Independent Software Vendor), Microsoft SI (Systems Integrator), or a Microsoft Reseller, the Mavens are here to empower you with award-winning marketing services!


Get in touch today to take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level.

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