How to Accelerate with Microsoft Marketplace for MS Partners


Learn how to leverage Microsoft Marketplace to reach millions of users by creating a compelling listing to attract new buyers into your Microsoft practice.

How to Accelerate with Microsoft Marketplace for MS Partners

Learn how to leverage Microsoft Marketplace to reach millions of users by creating a compelling listing to attract new buyers into your Microsoft practice.

What is Microsoft Commercial Marketplace?

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As a Microsoft Partner, you are offered a number of benefits by Microsoft to help you grow your business. One such benefit is the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. The Microsoft Commercial Marketplace is an online products/services catalog where offers are listed and available to millions of global users, Microsoft sellers, and Microsoft resellers. By listing your offers on the Marketplace, you can engage new audiences and bring in more customers. In total, listings reach 4 million active users each month, generating 100,000 high quality leads. You will also have the chance to earn Marketplace awards while reducing the cost and time to market with the highly flexible listing options.

Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Stores

The Microsoft Commercial Marketplace includes – Microsoft AppSource for business solutions and Azure Marketplace for IT solutions. While both options allow Partners to list offers, enable trials, and conduct direct transactions, they both differ in terms of who they are for and what types of solutions and services they list. Let’s discuss each option:

Microsoft AppSource

Microsoft AppSource focuses on business solutions – these listings enable innovation and drive business outcomes to help customers get more done with existing licensing. Solutions listed on AppSource are built to extend directly into Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Power Platform, and customers can also access the solutions directly from these apps, as well as through the Azure portal. This includes Consulting Services, as well as Apps.

Screenshot of Microsoft AppSource Homepage in Microsoft Commercial Marketplace
Microsoft Commercial Marketplace - AppSource Homepage

Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace is the premier destination for solutions that are certified and optimized to run on Azure. It is an online store that focuses on helping developers and IT professionals looking for technical building blocks. Listings are typically for consulting and managed services designed to help customers get started with or accelerate the use of Azure. Customers can also access Azure Marketplace solutions through the Azure Portal.
Microsoft Commercial Marketplace - Azure Marketplace Homepage
Microsoft Commercial Marketplace - Azure Marketplace Homepage

Microsoft determines whether your offer is listed on Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace, depending on offer type, category, and other selected options. Sometimes, an offer may be relevant to users of both marketplaces and can therefore appear in both, but in most cases will appear in only one of the marketplaces.

Table showing how Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource differ
Differences between Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Stores

Leverage the Microsoft Marketing Partner for Marketplace

Getting your offer approved to be listed on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace can be a daunting process, which is why working with experts specializing in Microsoft Partner Marketing can be worthy of bringing in the expertise in spades. By working with Microsoft Partner marketing experts, you can ensure your offering is listed in a compelling, best practices, optimized format, which tells a cohesive story that captures prospects to convert. With a digital marketing agency by your side, you have the option to create custom iconography that represents your solution accurately and catches the attention of those browsing the marketplace.

In addition to this, an agency can help ensure your brand messaging stays consistent across all platforms. At Maven Collective Marketing, we draft carefully crafted offerings that not only summarize your service but also reflect your brand voice and unique value proposition. We also design any supporting documentation and graphic design required, including one-pagers, infographics, and branded screenshots to supplement the listing. Not only that, when you choose to work with a marketing agency like ours, we extend all materials to other marketing channels to ensure you get the most out of your investments.

To deliver the expertise for crafting your marketplace listing(s), you can leverage our Microsoft Partner Marketing experts to build highly targeted social media and email marketing campaigns for cross-platform promotion that drives traffic to your listing. Beyond the initial listing on a Microsoft marketplace, Maven Collective Marketing can prepare your offering to get you co-sell ready, post your Marketplace listing approval. From drafting customer presentation materials to updating the branding of Microsoft-issued templates, a marketing agency can streamline the entire process for a Microsoft Partner.

Stand Out on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

As the leading results-driven, award-winning Marketing Partner for Microsoft Partners, we have helped 100s of Microsoft Partners stand out in the sea of software sameness.


Launch a successful offering on the Marketplace and get ready to meet requirements for co-selling with Microsoft directly by connecting with us today!

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Stand Out in the Sea of Software Sameness

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