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Microsoft Partner Exclusive Insights


Dive into our bespoke podcast series tailored for Microsoft Partners, where Maven Collective Marketing’s vault of extensive collaborations with over 500 partners is unlocked to bring you strategic insights capable of transforming your organization. More than just listening sessions, these broadcasts are a roadmap to navigating the intricate Microsoft Partner landscape.


Delve into the critical dos and don’ts of Commercial Marketplace listings, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP Rick McCutcheon, as they dissect the common pitfalls Partners face and offer essential self-audit tactics.

ISV Society

Discover the evolving challenges of SEO in a world where over 10,500 websites are launched daily and learn effective methods for Microsoft Partners to stand out in today’s digital landscape.


Explore a robust suite of strategies developed from collaborations with over 500 Microsoft Partners. This session zeroes in on brand differentiation and value delivery techniques.


Learn about Orchestry’s transformative role in enhancing Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Sites with strategic adoption tools, templates, and controlled provisioning, aimed at optimizing usage and adoption.


In this session, tune in for a deep dive into vital marketing strategies for small businesses. Gain actionable insights on weaving effective marketing tactics into your strategy, all while maintaining work-life balance.
Interview Erica Hakonson – the visionary Maven behind 160+ awards, global work with more than 500+ Microsoft Partners and 17+ years of Microsoft Partner channel & ecosystem experience. Unlock unparalleled B2B and digital marketing insights. Connect now for a standout episode.

Notable Publications


Architecting Success
in the Microsoft
Partner Ecosystem

Uncover Maven Collective Marketing’s proven strategies for thriving in the complex Microsoft Partner network, backed by over 15 years of impactful marketing success.

I'm a Successful Woman in Tech and Here's What I've Learned Along the Way

Erica reflects on her journey navigating the tech world, highlighting the crucial roles of visibility, resilience, and the power of giving back, coupled with actionable marketing advice for burgeoning businesses.

What Does Today’s
Modern B2B Marketer
Need To Succeed

Learn about the critical tools and strategies that empower today’s B2B marketers to excel, from analytics and automation to conversion and customer engagement tactics.

International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners Membership


Maven Collective Marketing has the pleasure of being a featured speaker at many IAMCP chapter events, including the Virtual USA & Canada Chapter, New York City Chapter, TOLA (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama) Chapter, and Chicago Chapter. The exclusive Microsoft Partner topics presented at IAMCP events include: Microsoft Partner marketing growth strategies, optimizing your Martech stack, driving marketing ROI, and AppSource listing best practices. Get Maven Collective Marketing at your next chapter event — Contact us.

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Additional Featured Podcast/Webcasts


Canada's Podcast

Boost your digital footprint and outpace competitors.

Leading Lenders

Insights into female entrepreneurship: finance, balance, and motherhood.

Grow a Small Business

Demystify digital marketing for impactful business growth.

Award-Winning B2B Digital Marketing


Maven Collective Marketing Multi-Award-Winning Agency 2024

Discover your next award-winning entrepreneur & B2B marketing expert guest speaker.