Maven Collective Marketing Launches A Refined Focus to Serve Microsoft Partners 


After a decade in business, Maven Collective refreshes and redesigns to align with its sole focus as the go-to B2B Digital Marketing Services and Strategy agency for Microsoft Partners.

Maven Collective Marketing Launches A Refined Focus to Serve Microsoft Partners 

After a decade in business, Maven Collective refreshes and redesigns to align with its sole focus as the go-to B2B Digital Marketing Services and Strategy agency for Microsoft Partners.

Marking 10 Years in Business: Maven Collective Marketing Launches a Refined Focus to Serve Microsoft Partners 

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Intended Audience: SaaS Business Owners, Microsoft Partners, Media Outlets

Revised September 2023

Maven Collective’s Refreshed B2B Branding

After a decade of helping B2B software and software services organizations define their strategy, positioning and digital presence, Maven Collective Marketing has refocused its B2B marketing services to better serve its core clients whom the agency has worked with since its inception – Microsoft Partners. The renewed focus includes B2B marketing services crafted especially for Microsoft Partner CSPs (Cloud Solution Providers), VARs (Value-Added Resellers), MSPs (Managed Service Providers), ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), and SIs (Systems Integrators).


This fresh take represents our main objective, to boost the performance, reach and revenues of Microsoft Partners helping them carve out that competitive edge in the oversaturated software and software services industry.

A Fresh Look for Maven Collective

The original purple and orange summit logo has carried the name ‘Maven Collective’ for many years. From a B2B marketing agency servicing three clients, Maven Collective is now a multi-award-winning firm solidified as a well-respected member and partner of the technology marketing industry and the Microsoft Partner community.


As we evolve and welcome new clients, it is time for Maven Collective to reinforce our mission and anchor our services in providing award-winning success with measurable expertise to Microsoft Partners, including Microsoft CSPs, ISVs, SIs, VARs, MSPs, and SaaS-based organizations.


The ‘Maven’ concept has been reimagined with bold colors, refined positioning, and a new typography to effectively express this transition and leverage our brand’s unique characteristics. Maven Collective’s new branding, positioning, and boldness symbolize the team’s approach to working collaboratively, measurably, and formulaically in unison for our loyal clients.

Maven Collective Marketing website overhaul – b2b digital marketing agency new branding
New B2B Branding for Maven Collective Marketing

“Now a decade in, this brand refresh is just what we needed to enter our second decade with new energy, passion, and curiosity. The new branding and new website mark a refined evolvement of Maven Collective Marketing from the outside in, with a strategic hyper-focus on serving our community of Microsoft Partners. Ten years young now and we are still continuously striving to bring the best expertise to provide the tangible measurable results our outstanding clients rely on."

What to Expect

We have distilled the essence of the ‘Maven Collective’ brand, including our design, focus, and mission, which includes: 

Refreshed B2B Website Design

The new Maven Collective website is intuitively designed by our best and brightest designers and website architects to bring superior user experience with informative content and expertise for both new and returning clients.
Maven Collective Marketing Website Redesign and Branding for Microsoft Partners
Maven Collective's New Website Design and Branding Refresh

Refined Microsoft Partner Audience

The new Maven Collective website focuses solely on Microsoft Partner Marketing, emphasizing our expertise and tenured knowledge to perfectly fit your needs as a Microsoft Partner. 
Maven Collective Marketing refreshed website, new brand with new focus to help Microsoft Partners with marketing strategy
Maven Collective Defines Sole Focus on Microsoft Partner Marketing

Remarkable Measurable Outcomes

Maven Collective has been recognized time and time again over the last decade for its outstanding work with Microsoft Partners, including by esteemed organizations such as the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards, Web Excellence Awards, AVA Digital Awards, dotComm Awards, and MarCom Awards, to name a few.

In addition, Maven Collective’s clients have also been distinguished through honorable awards, namely the Microsoft IMPACT Awards, Microsoft Inspire Awards, and Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Awards, and today we embark on this new journey with a pledge to continue delivering tangible results to our esteemed community of Microsoft Partner clients.

Award Winning B2B Marketing Agency - Maven Collective Marketing
Maven Collective Delivers Expertise You Can Measure

Ready to Partner with the Mavens?

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More than just a multi-award-winning team, the Mavens keep great company and are all set to be your go-to Microsoft Partner Marketing team. If you want to stand out from the sea of sameness like Steeves and Associates, pivot and reposition to a new brand and new website like EFOQUS, establish a multi-award-winning website like Orchestry, or explore your own potential and uniqueness in the oversaturated Microsoft ecosystem, get in touch with the Mavens!   Learn how we can transform your marketing plan and website today or simply send us your marketing queries at, we love to help!

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Stand Out in the Sea of Software Sameness

The multi-award-winning, Maven Collective Marketing, differentiates its clients from the seas of software sameness to yield expertise you can measure.

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