The Many Faces of LinkedIn Marketing: Lead Generation with Paid Features


Let’s examine the nuances of LinkedIn Marketing and what capabilities you can weave into your marketing plan.

The Many Faces of LinkedIn Marketing: Lead Generation with Paid Features

Let’s examine the nuances of LinkedIn Marketing and what capabilities you can weave into your marketing plan.

The Many Faces of LinkedIn Marketing

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Professional growth is at the heart of LinkedIn. Be it through a personal profile or leveraging its features to boost a company’s visibility, LinkedIn helps professionals make meaningful connections and expand their reach in the business world. Nowadays, LinkedIn Marketing is part of every B2B company’s marketing plan. There are over 850 million members and over 59 million companies on LinkedIn today. It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is so sought-after among B2B marketers. Let’s take a look at the nuances of LinkedIn Marketing and what capabilities you can weave into your marketing plan.

LinkedIn Marketing with a Company Page

If you are a business owner, a Company Page on LinkedIn can prove to be a strong marketing asset. It has remarkable potential to give all the relevant company information to your intended audience at no cost to you. There are several features that you unlock by creating a company page. Not only are you telling people about your business, but also you can actively share content and job openings. Given the variety of beneficial avenues, a LinkedIn Company Page will boost your visibility on the web and drive traffic to your website.

Screenshot Showing LinkedIn Company Page
Company Page on LinkedIn

Admin View of Company Page

The admin view gives you a behind-the-scenes input on how LinkedIn members are interacting with your page. You can track new visitors and followers and utilize analytics to tweak the page for better performance. Admin view gives insightful information on how to use your page for building more connections and possibly growing the business. LinkedIn allows you to pick different levels of admin roles, giving you the flexibility to control who sees/accesses which aspect of your company page. More to come…

Company Page Best Practices

Use your company page to engage and attract clients. Being active on your company profile not only through content generation but also with meaningful engagement will drive web interactions and in turn traffic. Furthermore, you should encourage your employees to interact with posts for better impressions and reach.


LinkedIn also includes a Showcase page feature that spotlights individual initiatives or brands. This is an effective way to gain more visibility across the platform and widen your audience. You can utilize Showcase pages to target a more niche audience and curate content and solutions around specific needs. Showcase pages can prove to be fruitful for meaningful LinkedIn Lead Generation.


There is also the option of creating a product page and using that to provide relevant information about a particular product. The information here can range from ratings, reviews, and a custom call-to-action. A Product Page can help build trust within your potential buyers and garner interest from genuine leads.

Explore LinkedIn Marketing’s Paid Features for Lead Generation

LinkedIn has many free-to-use capabilities, but there is so much more to the platform when it comes to paid strategies. By paying a small price you can unlock some powerful capabilities of LinkedIn marketing. Let’s explore:

LinkedIn Advertising

The LinkedIn Ads Account allows you to promote your content and work in several ways. According to researchers, an ad on LinkedIn can reach 13% of the world’s population. So, you should definitely consider this as part of your marketing strategy. By having a Campaign Manager account, you can access all your campaigns, ads and promotion initiatives in one place.


LinkedIn Advertising offers a wide range of results, from lead generation to brand awareness. There are multiple kinds of ad formats, like text ads, sponsored content, dynamic ads, carousel ads, and more, that are customized across devices to reach your target audience.


Did you know that you also have the ability to reach your target market when they are most active and engaged on the platform by tweaking when your ad appears? You can even market to specific groups of people like decision-makers or industry influencers to get your solution and services noticed by the right people.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager - Maven Collective Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Manager


Sponsored InMail is a way to reach prospects that are not a direct connection on your profile. By utilizing a sponsored InMail you get your message sent directly in their LinkedIn inbox. You can either use it as a paid feature on your LinkedIn Profile or sign up for LinkedIn Premium for 5 free InMails a month.

Sponsored Messages

This is a form of advertising that takes place in the inbox. This can be setup in two ways: a direct message or a conversation in which you capture your audience through a choose-your-own-path experience. This is a great way to keep your content from getting lost in the feed. In addition, the personalized element of a direct message helps engage your audience and accelerate your lead pipeline.

Using the Company Page for Promotion

The Company Page has some paid media admin options that help you expand your reach as well:

  • Sponsored Content Poster – on behalf of your organization you can create sponsored content ads to reach those with similar interests as your target audience. As a general content admin, you can even boost organic posts for more impressions across the platform.
  • Lead Gen Forms Manager – you can create lead generation forms and embed them in your ads and promotional content. As a Lead Gen Forms manager you have the ability to download leads that were collected from your Page. This can prove to be extremely impactful as you can utilize this data to target your leads on other platforms as well.
  • Pipeline Builder – allows you to generate and manage leads for hiring purposes. It is an efficient way to advertise an opening at your company and attract the right candidates for the job. By building a strong team, you are only contributing to enhanced marketing efforts in the future.
Screenshot of Admin View on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Marketing Admin Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Sales Insights

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the tool for finding and generating leads on LinkedIn. It is available to both individuals and companies and can prove to be impactful for B2B sales. It offers advanced lead and company search capabilities and gives recommendations based on the same. Therefore, you have access to an extended LinkedIn network. Furthermore, LinkedIn has a Sales Insights product that keeps you updated on your target market with real-time data. Through Sales Insights your sales team will be better prepared to meet the needs of your customers.

Get Started with LinkedIn Marketing

There is so much more to LinkedIn than what we have mentioned above, this is only a birds-eye view of what the platform is capable of. Given the range of capabilities that it offers, there is no doubt that the platform should be a part of your marketing efforts. But do you know how you can best leverage these features? It is not the mere implementation that will deliver results, you need to strategize, implement and monitor regularly to reach your goals.


The Mavens are experienced in LinkedIn marketing and are readily available to support you with industry best practices to realize your marketing and business goals. Don’t forget to check out our valuable resource on optimizing your personal LinkedIn Profile to establish your presence and improve overall engagement. If you have any questions about LinkedIn Lead Generation or LinkedIn Marketing, please get in touch with us.

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