Harness the Power of Microsoft Clarity


Microsoft Clarity is a game-changing analytics tool that allows Microsoft Partners to uncover essential insights and improve performance and user experience. Learn how and what Microsoft Clarity stats you need to track and more.

Harness the Power of Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a game-changing analytics tool that allows Microsoft Partners to uncover essential insights and improve performance and user experience. Learn how and what Microsoft Clarity stats you need to track and more.

Unveil the Power of Microsoft Clarity: Key Stats to Improve Your Web Performance as a Microsoft Partner

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The digital era demands that Microsoft Partners establish a robust online presence and continually optimize their website to stay ahead of the competition. As a Microsoft Partner, it’s essential to utilize the best tools available to monitor your website’s performance and user engagement. Enter Microsoft Clarity, a powerful analytics tool that enables your marketing team and business owners to make data-driven decisions for your website.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics platform that provides valuable insights into your website’s performance and user engagement. It tracks user behavior across your website, presenting the data through an intuitive dashboard that highlights behavioral patterns and areas for improvement. Microsoft Clarity doesn’t compete with your Google Analytics or Google Search Console, instead it complements both.

Microsoft Clarity Key Stats to Keep an Eye On

Microsoft Clarity sheds light on different aspects of your performance that help you optimize your website and enable you to improve and maximize user experience. In this blog, we will decode key metrics such as Session Recording, Total Sessions and Time Spent, Active Time, Dead Clicks, Rage Clicks and of course, Heatmaps 

Microsoft Clarity Dashboard – Your Treasure Map

When you first log into your Microsoft Clarity, you will notice the Clarity Dashboard.
explore stats from microsoft clarity dashboard
Microsoft Clarity Dashboard

The dashboard serves as a snapshot of your website’s performance, offering a comprehensive overview of insights for decision-makers, including scrolling patterns, clicks, JavaScript errors, and more that unveil user behavior.


Some of the key metrics you should review are:


  • Total Session: This metric represents the total number of individual sessions during which users engage with your site within a specified time frame.
  • Total Time Spent: Total time spent shows the cumulative amount of time users spend on your website during their sessions. It reflects the user engagement time, thus allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your content, design, and overall user experience.
  • Active Time: This metric looks closer into your user behavior as it shows the duration in which users actively engage with your website, such as clicking, scrolling, or typing.
  • Dead Clicks: Dead Clicks refer to instances when users click on unresponsive elements of your website when they expect action, content, or links. This metric signifies a confusing design or unclear navigation.
  • Rage Clicks: Rage Clicks calculates when a user in your website clicks repeatedly on a website element within a short period of time. This often happens when the website (or a certain element) is not responding, or there are potential issues with the site functions.
  • Session Recordings: With Microsoft Clarity, session activity for each website visitor can be closely monitored, offering insights into user engagement across your site. From mouse movement to scrolling and clicking, every metric you need is documented – take the guesswork out of your website. As Microsoft Clarity employs Machine Learning in its session playbacks, you can identify user patterns such as rage clicks, dead clicks, excessive scrolling – and more.

A Closer Look into Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps

Heatmaps: There are three types of heatmaps offered in Microsoft Clarity: click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, and area heatmaps. Using colors ranging from red to blue, these maps indicate elements of your website that website visitors engage with highly (highly engaged area is red, and blue is least engaged area).

  • Click Heatmaps: This heatmap can help you gain insights into where your users are clicking and tapping on your site. There are many different types of Clickmaps available in Microsoft Clarity. Including:
    • All clicks: show the summation of all the clicks users clicked on your page, including Dead clicks, Rage clicks, Error clicks, First clicks, and Last clicks.
    • Dead clicks: shows where users clicked on a page with no effect/response.
    • Rage clicks: shows the tiny area where users clicked on multiple times within a brief period.
    • Error clicks: shows clicks that immediately trigger a JavaScript error.
    • First clicks: shows where your users are first clicking, useful to help identify which element on your website is onboarding users.
    • Last clicks: shows final click before users exit a page.


  • Scroll Heatmaps: Using the same color-coding system, the scroll heatmap offers insights into where on your website got scrolled to the most, and how far your users scroll on the page. In line with fundamental marketing principles, it is crucial to position key information and content in the upper fold of your website. This data helps determine whether your users see the most important content and where to put your essential call to action.
    • % Scrolled: shows the page percentage data assessed in 5% increments.
    • No. Of Visitors: refers to the total number of users who landed on a page or pages where Clarity Heatmaps gather data.
    • % of Visitors: shows the percentage of visitors who scrolled through a corresponding percentage of the page’s height.


  • Area Heatmaps: Area heatmaps provide an in-depth exploration of your website’s pages, giving a unique perspective on user interactions. By showcasing the total clicks for all elements within the selected area, Clarity Area heatmaps help you visualize user engagement levels. With percentages shown on the screen, the heatmap represents the proportion of clicks in a specific area. By understanding which sections captivate your audience and which elements could benefit from optimization, you can make further changes to enhance user experience and boost engagement.
Microsoft Clarity Area Heatmaps
Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps

Microsoft Clarity Sharing Capabilities

Sharing is caring. By streamlining the sharing process, Clarity ensures that every stakeholder stays informed and engaged. You can share heatmaps and/or recordings with your team or externally via share link or share in email. Microsoft Clarity makes sharing insights with clients and your team easier than ever.

Elevate Your Website with Microsoft Clarity Experts

It’s crucial for Microsoft Partners to keep track of your website performance and ensure that you are taking all steps to optimize your traffic and conversions. While setting up Microsoft Clarity can be straightforward, interpreting the stats and making data-driven decisions requires more attention. As a trusted marketing partner to Microsoft Partners worldwide, the Maven Collective team understands that handling analytics can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t need to be!


The Mavens are your go-to marketing team that is ready to act as an extension of your team and support you with all your Microsoft Partner Marketing needs. With our guidance, navigating analytics tools and leveraging them to enhance your marketing strategy becomes a breeze. Reach out and discover how the Mavens can help transform your business and elevate your success.

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