How to Build Your Personal Profile for LinkedIn Lead Generation


Strengthen how you attract new leads from social media channels by building your personal LinkedIn profile. Learn how you can best optimize your account to attract the right audience.

How to Build Your Personal Profile for LinkedIn Lead Generation

Strengthen how you attract new leads from social media channels by building your personal LinkedIn profile. Learn how you can best optimize your account to attract the right audience.

Conquer LinkedIn Lead Generation

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LinkedIn is a sought-after platform by professionals from all industries and has over 500 million active members. Isn’t that a great place not only to build a strong professional profile, but also to build your network with other professionals and create meaningful leads for your business? But simply creating a profile and posting every now and then is not the most efficient way to leverage the power of LinkedIn. In this blog, we will walk you through some of the ways you can leverage your personal profile for LinkedIn lead generation and be that thought-leader you want to be!

Why Invest Your Time in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a vast platform full of people that are looking for or providing different kinds of solutions and services. It is very likely that on a platform as extensive as this you will cross wires with like-minded professionals. Study shows, LinkedIn is 277% more successful in lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. 


LinkedIn is a great place to gain visibility and credibility among your peers and industry experts. Additionally, your presence on LinkedIn helps build a brand image not only for yourself, but also for the company you work for. The platform hosts nearly 740 million users, providing great network expansion opportunities to all members.

Establish Your Presence on LinkedIn

Creating a Linkedin profile is easy, but making it visible and of substantial value is what takes work. It is all about how you curate your profile for other members to enjoy, showcasing your experience, strengths, skills, and winning personality. 

Optimize! Optimize! Optimize!

We can’t say this enough about the importance of optimizing your personal LinkedIn profile and posts. It is crucial how others discover your profile, aspects like LinkedIn bio, interest, work, and academic experience, all play a role in your visibility. Adding keyword-heavy details in the ‘About’ area, describing responsibilities under each work/study experience, or including links to projects you have worked on can go a long way in improving your visibility. 

linkedin personal profile optimization for lead generation
Optimize your Personal Profile on LinkedIn

Prove Credibility, Authority, and Expertise on LinkedIn

Skills, endorsements, and recommendations can help your profile stand out among other members that don’t make adequate use of these features.

using linkedin skills for linkedin lead generation
Utilize Skills and Badges to Show Expertise and Support LinkedIn Lead Generation

They are a good way to get that thought leadership status and how people view and perceive your opinions. Skills and endorsements showcase your strengths and the support you have garnered from others, in turn indicating the trust, authority, and expertise you have in the industry.

personal recommendations for linkedin lead generation
Endorsements and Recommendations on a LinkedIn Profile

Engage and Interact with LinkedIn Members

Add people of similar interests as connections and follow your interests, other thought leaders, industry experts, and companies whose work resonates with you. Go ahead and join LinkedIn Groups to widen your network and connect with more people. It is always good to have a healthy mix of connections that ranges from people working in and around your industry and at different hierarchical levels. As you grow your connections, you will have the opportunity to analyze their content and learn from their insights as well. Once you are a group member, make sure to participate actively with relevant and meaningful content. You can even create and manage your own group on LinkedIn, this can be a very significant step to get your business the visibility that it needs. 

building linkedin leads with groups
B2B Linked Lead Generation with Group Membership and Participation

Publish Your LinkedIn Content

Creating and sharing content is crucial to your profile’s success. Identify the gaps in topics in your industry and write about what is most relevant to your audience and connections. Sharing original content in the form of insights or from your blog post is vital to exhibit your knowledge. At the same time, don’t be afraid to reshare content related to your brand or industry. Stay on top of trends and make sure what you post is what the audience seeks.
publishing content for linkedin lead generation
LinkedIn Activity and Content Promotion

Once again, it is time to stress optimization, but this time of your posts. Use keywords, links, and hashtags to make sure your work is reaching the right people. Tagging related company accounts or personal profiles also increase impressions of your post. Find the right balance of how often you post on LinkedIn, do not bombard your followers with too much information, but pace it out at regular intervals.

Spotlight Your Work in the Featured Section

Use the Featured section of your personal profile to showcase your work samples. This section helps boost your profile with valid examples and proof of work. You can include any form of external media, documents, and links that you would like to be spotlighted when someone views your profile. It is a great way to establish your professional identity!
linkedin featured section for linkedin lead generation
List your Work Samples and Spotlight Responsibilities

Tapping into In-built Organic Feature for LinkedIn Lead Generation

Begin business development with your closest circle of connections and move outwards. This means 1st, 2nd and 3rd connection emails are your starting point. Reaching out to people in these tiers should get you a measurable response as they are most likely to be familiar with your content, hence, they are more likely to engage with you. 


Did you know that the LinkedIn platform is the best place for account-based marketing? Narrow down on the industry, size, and interests of your current customers and find others like them on LinkedIn. Use professional demographics to determine who your potential customers are, it is all about persona building and finding those that fit into it in a professional capacity.


Utilize LinkedIn Events as a way to get more information to your audience. Depending upon your target you can organize meetups, workshops, seminars or several other types of events. This is an engaging way of driving interest in your work or solution and building a professional community that further facilitates LinkedIn Lead Generation. You don’t have to organize events for all LinkedIn page followers and can target specific segments and host verticalized events or product demos for specific functions. With events, you can also capture information about your attendees and view their experiences before, during, and after the event. All that information can be really helpful for future marketing initiatives as well. 

linkedin lead generation with events feature
Creating an Event on LinkedIn for Meaningful Lead Generation

If you are the administrator of a group on LinkedIn, you can send out announcements in the form of emails to your group members. This can include anything from a whitepaper to a product update, webinar, or free trial. It is a simple way to reach out to a large number of people and capture information about those that show interest.

Go Premium on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Premium account has many added features that you can utilize to harness more leads from the platform. In the premium account, you get regular analytics like search terms and trends to improve your professional presence. Furthermore, it is uncommon to find contact details of other industry professionals on LinkedIn, but with Premium, you get to unlock more InMail credits that you can use to reach out to industry leaders and build connections with larger networks.

We might have given you a lot to consider about LinkedIn and its features. A good place to start would be with your own profile and taking small steps towards optimization. In our next blog, we will uncover more aspects of LinkedIn that help build your company’s presence and how to drive traffic from your Company Page, Showcase Page, and using Sales Navigator and several other Paid LinkedIn Features.

If you have any questions about LinkedIn Marketing and conquering social media platforms for your business, please reach out to us!

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