Build Your Marketing Resources for Microsoft Co-Sell Solutions


Take a look at how you can use your marketing resources in more ways than one and achieve the Microsoft Co-Sell status for your service listings.

Build Your Marketing Resources for Microsoft Co-Sell Solutions

Take a look at how you can use your marketing resources in more ways than one and achieve the Microsoft Co-Sell status for your service listings.

Microsoft Co-Sell Solutions: How to Build Your Marketing Resources

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What is Microsoft Solution Co-Selling?

Microsoft Solution/Service Co-Selling is the amalgamation of two sales teams from partner organizations that come together to convert prospective leads and customers. The idea behind the concept is to empower your sales team with more resources, data, and personnel to accelerate the leadtocustomer journey and close deals faster.  

What is the Microsoft Co-Sell Program?

Microsoft launched its collaborative-selling, Co-Sell, program in 2017 specifically to enrich the customer value proposition by compelling Microsoft direct sellers to collaborate with the partner ecosystem on a wider set of offerings. The Microsoft Co-Sell program requires that Microsoft Partners meet performance commitments and successfully execute projects and pass technology and sales assessments. For customers, this ensures that their service provider and Microsoft are working closely to ensure security and performance.

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Preparing for Your Microsoft Co-Sell Listing

The Pre-Requisites of Microsoft Co-Sell

Barring the technical requirements, Microsoft demands collateral documents with details of your solutions, such as a solution one-pager and a solution pitch deck. The Microsoft sales teams use the information you provide to determine whether your solution fits customer needs so they can recommend and sell your solution.


On top of the one-pager and solution pitch document, a reference architecture diagram that includes SaaS offers is also required for solutions to achieve Azure IP Co-Sell incentive status. There are several optional documents that you can provide to strengthen your listing further, such as a customer case study, verifiable customer wins, a channel pitch deck, and up to five other differentiating documents or videos that make your solution/service stand out.

Impactful Microsoft Co-Sell Listing Marketing Collateral

Now, don’t get overwhelmed just yet, Microsoft does provide templates to put together these materials. But what would make it even easier is if you are a step ahead. Much of the material required to achieve the Microsoft Co-Sell status is a variety of marketing collateral, something you should be building alongside your day-to-day business operations.


Each Microsoft Co-Sell document acts as a lead-generating marketing piece. Let’s take a look:

  • Solution Pitch Deck: One can never go wrong with preparing a deck to pitch your solution and its value proposition. It empowers your sales and business development team to sell better and provide your leads and prospects with timely and compelling information.
  • Solution One-Pager: A crisp and succinct overview of your solution offering is a great way to get a lead in the door. You can use this resource as a downloadable asset, as physical handouts at industry events, and even mail pieces if you choose to market that way. By curating a high-level summary, you enable people to learn about your offerings quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer Case Study: This might just be our favorite resource! A customer success story is an invaluable tool. Telling prospective clients about your problem-solving abilities and measurable results through storytelling will help you capture new markets with ease. Case studies make a valuable lead generation piece used to attract new customers in several ways.
  • Verifiable Customer Wins: Utilizing your customers’ experiences and the transformation you delivered through quantitative results is extremely impactful. You can use these wins as standalone pieces across your website, one-off social media mentions, or club them as part of your pitch decks, offering landing pages, and case studies to drive the point home.
  • USP Defining Videos: Video marketing has become increasingly popular, especially across social channels, like LinkedIn and Twitter. Creating videos around your services’ unique selling point and outlining how your solutions surpass that of competitors attracts leads and gives prospects something to engage with across platforms.

Each of the above-listed compositions has a role in the Microsoft Partner marketing funnel. If you are consistent with your technology solution marketing practices, you will see measurable results. With pre-built resources, come the day of Co-Sell, you will be ready to transform your data to co-branded templates provided by Microsoft, saving you considerable time and effort while opening new avenues for lead generation.

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Building Microsoft Co-Sell Resources with Your B2B Marketing Team

Microsoft Partner Marketing: A Consistent and Measurable Approach to Success

The Microsoft Partner ecosystem can be challenging to navigate. Maven Collective Marketing is a team of Microsoft Partner Marketing experts equipped to navigate organizations like yours through the sea of software sameness. With our team by your side, you can rest assured that your marketing efforts will deliver results while you focus on your primary business objectives. Not only will we help you prepare co-marketing and selling resources, but we will also oversee the execution of a digital marketing strategy tailored to your needs. Talk to a Maven today to learn more about how we can work with you.

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