BEACH Framework: Creating a Habitat for Prospective Clients by Using Watering Hole Marketing


Finish laying the foundation for your marketing success by implementing the final part of the 5-part BEACH framework – creating a habitat for prospective clients.

BEACH Framework: Creating a Habitat for Prospective Clients by Using Watering Hole Marketing

Finish laying the foundation for your marketing success by implementing the final part of the 5-part BEACH framework – creating a habitat for prospective clients.

Create a Habitat for Prospective Clients Using Watering Hole Marketing

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In our 5-part BEACH framework series on digital marketing strategies Microsoft Partners can use to stand out in the sea of sameness, we previously discussed conducting competitive BENCHMARKING, showcasing your EXPERTISE, personalizing your APPROACH to content creation, and CALCULATING your impact. In the fifth and final part, we will discuss how to complete implementation of the BEACH framework to lay your foundation for marketing success. Once you have calculated your impact by measuring marketing metrics, you must use these insights to attract prospects by creating a hub of informative resources, or a cultivated Habitat.

Use Watering Hole Marketing to Create a Habitat

Watering holes are areas your prospects, and perhaps existing customers, come to for information, inspiration, and/or support. To create an inviting habitat for prospective buyers, you need to ensure your content is informative and offers readers a clear answer about what they’re searching for. There really is no singular answer as to what your watering holes should be, but typically they can include:


  • Action-Driven Solutions/Services Website Pages
    Goal-oriented pages provide solutions to common challenges prospective clients face by offering services and CTAs to learn more, providing opportunities for conversion.
  • Dedicated Campaigns for Product and/or Service Offerings
    Launching advertising campaigns with a focus on promoting a specific product or service is likely to attract existing and prospective customers looking for more information.
  • Downloadable Lead Generation Assets
    Creating informative guides, whitepapers, and ebooks is an effective way to offer readers inspiration and clear answers as to what they are looking for to potentially net more qualified leads.
  • Educational Blog Series
    Writing insightful blogs about common FAQs is likely to attract visitors to your website for discussion and education.
  • Webinar/Virtual Events
    Hosting a webinar or virtual event helps you interact with/answer prospect questions in real time and provides an opportunity for education and conversion.


Provide support, create informative content, and offer inspiration to readers to create watering holes and nurture prospects.

Brainstorming users' goals to determine watering hole marketing strategy
Watering Hole Marketing Nurtures Prospects by Creating a Habitat

Why Creating a Habitat Through Watering Hole Marketing is Important

Identifying where your ideal customers are likely to hang out is a very important part of researching buyer personas, as you can use this information to tailor your content and webpages to maximize conversions.

Creating watering holes where prospects will gather can help nudge them in the right direction to your conversion points, where you want actions to be taken. Once they have successfully arrived at your conversion points, you can utilize the information they provide to later nurture and foster the relationship, and potentially pull them in as customers.

By creating an informative habitat for prospects through watering-hole marketing, you will strengthen your positioning and expand your qualified lead pool, ultimately enabling further revenue generation.

Evolve Your Marketing Strategy by Implementing the BEACH Framework

Now that you have the complete BEACH framework, you can evolve your marketing strategy to include:

B – Competitive Benchmarking

E – Showcasing Expertise

A – Personalizing Approach

CCalculating Impact

H – Creating a Habitat for Opportunity


By conducting competitive benchmarking to determine your unique value proposition, showcasing your expertise to stand out against competition, personalizing your approach to content creation, calculating your impact by monitoring important marketing metrics, and creating a habitat for opportunity through watering holes, you will position your brand for utmost growth.


Implement these actionable tips to lay the foundation for your marketing success and build that BEACH you’ve been searching for right into your daily business.

Implement BEACH framework into your B2B Marketing Strategy for Success
Boost Your Marketing ROI by Implementing the BEACH Framework

Stand Out in a Sea of Competitors

Maven Collective Marketing can build out a comprehensive digital plan for your organization to help you integrate the BEACH framework into your marketing strategy and position your brand for success in an oversaturated market.


For more insights into Microsoft Partner Marketing Strategies, check out our blog or get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you stand out against competitors in the sea of software sameness, and rise to the category of one.

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