B2B Marketing Must-Have Tools To Thrive in Today’s Online World


Equip your organization with the best B2B marketing tools and increase your ROI by investing in the right marketing software.

B2B Marketing Must-Have Tools To Thrive in Today’s Online World

Equip your organization with the best B2B marketing tools and increase your ROI by investing in the right marketing software.

B2B Marketing Must-Have Tools

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With ever-evolving search engine algorithms, increasing numbers of social media channels, emerging coding languages and endless automation tools helping to improve productivity it’s hard to stay up to date in the world of marketing today.


In order to stay relevant in today’s global B2B market, marketers, business owners and organisations must educate themselves on how to apply and adapt metrics-driven technologies to compete in the current climate.


To measure, optimize, automate, convert and enhance your marketing there is a plethora of technological tools available.  We’ve listed below the absolute must-haves in marketing software solutions that every marketer should have at their disposal.

Marketing Management Software Solutions for Measuring Success

It is impossible to improve on something you can’t measure, every good B2B marketer knows this!


One example of a particularly handy tool, that pulls all aspects of Google business programs into one central location, is the Google Marketing Platform. This suite allows you to plan, optimize and measure each campaign for the effectiveness of your web content and all of your paid media. It does this by building connections between existing integrated ads, applications and website analytics to create appropriate campaigns for Search, Display and Video 360 in one locale. You can analyze the relevant data and the impact they have on each other as the platform tools (DoubleClick ads, Google Analytics, Data Studio and AB testing) are closely integrated.


Aside from Google, there are a variety of other high-performing marketing analytics tools that can help you measure and improve your marketing campaigns, such as: Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs, ScreamingFrog, etc.

Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Once you’ve got to grips with how your marketing campaigns are performing, it’s time to work on improving them! On a daily basis, search engine marketing (SEM) is changing and it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve. Especially, if you’re trying to stay on top of lots of the other marketing and advertising platforms.


Luckily, there are some exceptional SEM optimization tools to help B2B Marketers with this.


If you are looking for some guidance or insights, check out these optimization tools:


  • Nibbler

  • SEMRush [SEM ToolBar]

  • Moz [MozBar]

  • Ahrefs

  • YoastSEO

They can help you with how search engines view your website, what to improve and how to improve.

free-seo-tool-google-search-console- search engine optimization marketing tool
Search Engine Optimization Marketing Tool

Software Solutions for Marketing Automation

You can schedule your communications, campaigns and more with Marketing Automation Systems (MAS).


Marketing automation tools can be set up for whatever time you want, alleviating you of having to stay up in the middle of the night! But it’s important to remember that human interaction is what your customers want, so don’t get too overzealous with this robotic miracle.


You can manage and organize numerous customer workflows and segments with automated/inbound marketing services helping you to develop a situation advantageous to growth.


With consideration and observing MAS (i.e. Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, SharpSpring and ActOn), can help you can do everything from managing your contact database, nurture prospective customers, automate communication workflows, and social awareness. Thus, get the job done.


MAS solutions are often paired with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to organize and manage contact and customer databases. CRM systems automatically allow you to collect client data and keep track of customer interactions.


There are also specialist automation tools such as: Hootsuite and Buffer, that are dedicated to managing social media channels. They help markets with scheduling social media posts, monitoring interactions and providing reporting on campaigns. Or even dedicated social media nurture and conversion tools like MobileMonkey that can also send SMS messages and include a chatbot.

Powerful Marketing Conversion Tools

How do you generate more new leads? We know it’s at the forefront of every modern marketer’s mind.


Thankfully, due to modern marketing tools, we’ve been granted access to transformative marketing solutions. These range from paid advertising tools (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Advertising) that help you convert faster through paying per lead, to game-changing conversion optimization tools (e.g. CrazyEgg, Lucky Orange, HelloBar) that help you create website leads faster with new insights to how people utilize your website through heat-mapping, scroll mapping and click maps. 

Marketing Enhancement Solutions Through Iteration

The key to keeping your website fresh, relevant, and customer-focused is iteration. That’s why Content Management Systems (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Sitamatic, Hubspot, Wix, SquareSpace, etc.) have been such a game-changer for marketers and business owners.


Content Management Systems (CMS) makes managing your website content and posting a blog as easy as pie. They have simple WISYWG editors that make publishing, editing, and managing content stress-free. However, the best way to edit any website is often through the HTML editor/code-base editor to ensure the website code is clean, bug-free.

Marketing Enhancement Solutions Through Iteration

Email marketing isn’t anything new, and while some people believe it’s a thing of the past, it actually is approximately 22% more effective at engaging budding consumers.

email nurture b2b marketing tool
Email Nurture Marketing Tool

What makes email marketing so successful is the way it allows you to really nurture your clients, drip-feed hyper-targeted campaign series to specific segments, usually based on things like: prospect interests, demographics, buying behavior etc. A few email marketing systems that are powerful enough to deliver this service, are: Pardot, MailChimp and ClickDimensions. They can truly yield some significant marketing ROI when used properly.


As well as email nurture marketing, you can also market to individuals who have not yet engaged with your website but have provided contact information. Or similarly, you can access audiences that you have seen success with previously. This type of marketing is called “Remarketing”.


Remarketing can be a very impactful tool to help you intercept prospective buyers at their unique point in the buyer journey. Remarketing Platforms are exactly what modern marketers are looking for to stay one step ahead, with Google Remarketing, Facebook Remarketing and Bing Remarketing, just to name a few. By establishing brand awareness and eventually brand recognition, the prospective customer knows what they are looking for, or that they may have visited your website before.

Amassing Your Definitive Marketer's Tool Kit

It should be noted that many of these ‘must-have’ B2B marketing software platforms, although offer their own unique benefits, also have areas of crossover. Thus, each individual company needs to decide which is the best fit for them and their needs.


When used correctly by marketers and business openers marketing software solutions have the ability to make a good company, a great company. Talk to us to see how a Maven can set you up for success with the right set of B2B Marketing tools.

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