Our Favorite B2B Marketers to Follow


Keep up with the evolving B2B marketing trends by following industry thought-leaders.

Our Favorite B2B Marketers to Follow

Keep up with the evolving B2B marketing trends by following industry thought-leaders.

Top B2B Marketers of the Year

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Revised September 2023

To overcome the challenges of the pandemic, companies have iterated their business models many times over, going through the motions of trial and error to find the right marketing plan. But there must be a way to track effective marketing developments and best practices that help B2B organizations thrive in challenging times.

The Mavens believe that keeping an eye on industry leaders who shape organizational success will help you pivot to effective strategies on the go.  So, we have put together a list of top B2B marketers to follow, making it easier for you to tweak your approach and conquer the appropriate market segment:

b2b marketers to follow - b2b marketing tips and best practices
B2B Marketers to Follow on X (formerly Twitter)

Ann Handley – @MarketingProfs

A writer, a digital marketing pioneer, Ann Handley, is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author who inspires you to create marketing that will ignite real results for your business. Follow her on X (formerly Twitter) for interesting and useful articles about marketing practices and engaging webinars.

Andy Crestodina – @crestodina

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media, Andy Crestodina, is a speaker, and content creator. He has also delved into the space of web design and interactive marketing for many years and is currently best known for his book Content Chemistry, now in its fifth edition. His feed is full of the latest marketing trends and analytics, don’t miss out!

Ardath Albee – @ardath421

Ardath Albee is the CEO and marketing strategist of her firm, Marketing Interactions. With over 30 years of experience in marketing operations, she has seen the industry evolve many times over. Check out her account to untangle the complex B2B sales with digital content marketing strategies.

Christopher S. Penn – @cspenn

A marketing keynote speaker, Christopher Penn is all about educating his audience and keeping them up to date with the latest changes and impacts in the marketing space. Christopher is the co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at TrustInsights.ai, promoting a data-driven approach to marketing. His feed answers pertinent questions about technology and its impact on marketing, be sure to take a look.

Erica Hakonson – @EricaHakonson

Erica Hakonson is the founder and principal of Maven Collective Marketing, that’s right, she is our fearless leader! With an insatiable passion for B2B and technology marketing, Hakonson brings nearly two decades of marketing and technology knowledge and expertise to her followers. If you strongly believe in achieving measurable results from your marketing efforts, she is the B2B marketer to follow.

Lee Odden – @leeodden

Lee Odden is the CEO and Co-Founder at TopRank Marketing. He is a leader in B2B content and influencer marketing and has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal for his integrated approach to search, social, content, and influencer marketing for B2B organizations. Follow him on X (formerly Twitter) for strategies to elevate your marketing strategies with real-world lessons.

Matt Heinz – @HeinzMarketing

President of Heinz Marketing, Matt Heinz is a B2B demand generation and pipeline manager, specializing in sales enablement and content strategy. Wondering why you should follow him? His X (formerly Twitter) is all about spilling the secrets of driving a greater volume of conversions, that’s why!

Micheal Brenner – @BrennerMichael

The CEO of Marketing Insiders Group, Micheal Brenner, beats the ROI of ads with his thought leadership and content marketing strategy. His X (formerly Twitter) is dedicated to marketing tips and tricks that teach and engage readers, helping them take their B2B marketing strategy by storm.

Neil Patel – @neilpatel

A New York Times best-selling author, Forbes top 10 marketers, Neil Patel is a true digital marketing influencer. Neil is all about providing deep insights, SEO tips, and branding best practices to help organizations achieve more. Be sure to check out his X (formerly Twitter) feed for regular updates and outstanding marketing strategies.

Pam Didner – @PamDidner

Pam Didner is a B2B marketing expert, author, podcaster, and international speaker and is also the president of a consulting firm, Relentless Pursuit. She is a strong believer in the impact of content marketing and MarTech in building a competitive advantage. Follow her on X (formerly Twitter) for insights on aligning your sales and marketing verticals to generate higher revenue.

Tyrona Heath – @tyrona

Global Lead at the B2B Institute LinkedIn, Tyrona Heath, operates at the intersection of technology and business. If you are looking to elevate the practice of B2B marketing in your organization or for inspiration to boost your own marketing career, her account is a must-follow!

The A-Team of B2B Marketers

Award Winning B2B Marketing Agency
The Award-Winning B2B Marketing Team

Now that you have a list of incredible digital marketers to follow, how about we get together to plan and implement B2B marketing best practices for your organization? The Maven Collective Marketing team is experienced in formulating robust marketing strategies to help our clients stand out among their competitors. Not only will we curate a unique and tailor-made experience that suits your business goals, but we will also help you see it through. Get in touch to take your marketing up a notch!

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