5 Tips for LinkedIn Ads for B2B Businesses


Learn how you can build success with your LinkedIn ads on the most sought-after professional networking platform worldwide.

5 Tips for LinkedIn Ads for B2B Businesses

Learn how you can build success with your LinkedIn ads on the most sought-after professional networking platform worldwide.

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Ads

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Revised September 2023

Since 2003, LinkedIn continues to be the most popular platform for professionals to connect and network with each other. Whether you are a new graduate looking for a job, an executive looking to expand connections, or a business owner wanting to generate more leads, LinkedIn is a great place for you to connect, share, and learn. In short, LinkedIn is like Facebook for your career. Given its nature of professionalism, LinkedIn is a great space for your company to gain exposure, generate leads, and bring more traffic to your website. With the presence of industry professionals and leaders, LinkedIn ads are an effective way to promote your B2B business. Even though LinkedIn does not have the biggest audience compared to other social media networking platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Instagram or Facebook, nor the largest reach, it is still the most trusted social media platform in the game. Let’s dive into how you can best optimize your LinkedIn ads to maximize your reach and yield a greater return on your marketing investment.

Create Effective LinkedIn Ads

Optimize! Optimize! Optimize!

We understand you want to get your LinkedIn Ads in front of as many people as soon as possible. However, before you start to build those creative ads, make sure your LinkedIn company page best represents your company. You want to include a relevant profile picture, a descriptive company headline, services/products that you offer, and a compelling ‘About Us’ section. It’s no wonder that there are more than 58 million companies on LinkedIn today. Be sure to check off these critical components to ensure your brand is standing out in the sea of B2B sameness.


Peek at the Maven Collective Marketing’s LinkedIn page for some inspiration:

b2b linkedin ads optimization prep
Optimize Your LinkedIn Page
LinkedIn Ads prep
Optimize For LinkedIn Ads
Hot tip: Treat your LinkedIn page as your tiny website!

Incorporate targeted keywords to make sure your prospects can gather enough information about your company. A brief description of your services and products will be helpful to give prospects a glimpse of your offering.


In a recent study by LinkedIn, companies with a complete and active profile on the platform earn 5 times more page views, 7 more impressions per follower and 11 times more clicks per follower.

Identify What Works for Organic LinkedIn Posts

Your top-performing posts / most engaging organic content can tell you what content you should promote to drive more conversions. As the team at LinkedIn discovered, 61 percent of a page’s followers are more likely to convert after being exposed to organic and paid content. Plan and publish the content your audiences find the most valuable. Free, helpful, and engaging content is always favorable.

Choose the Right LinkedIn Ads for Your Campaign

Whether you are trying to recruit, generate leads, or raise brand awareness, LinkedIn has you covered. LinkedIn offers a wide variety of ad types and formats that support your B2B needs.


It can be a bit of a headache to ensure you are choosing the right ad type from a plethora of options that LinkedIn ads offer, which is why we have consolidated the three types of ads that may be worth considering for your first (or next) LinkedIn campaign:

LinkedIn Text Ads

LinkedIn text-based advertisements help you reach high-quality leads and allow you to control the cost of your ads through a pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression pricing option. For this type of ad, simplicity is key – you want to keep the image simple and not larger than 50 by 50 pixels to draw most attention to the text present in your ads.

LinkedIn Text Ads Appearing on the Right Side of Your LinkedIn
Examples of LinkedIn Text Ads

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads

Sponsored content gives you more flexibility than text ads and looks similar to organic posts. This type of ad allows you to tell interactive stories that inspire your prospects to act. Whether it is an interesting post with an appealing visual, a carousel, event, or document, sponsored content ads will amplify your brand’s story.


For this type of ad, you should opt for high resolution, eye-catching imagery with dynamic text from beginning to end to capture attention and get your message across.


Pro tip: If you want to drive more traffic to your website, be sure to embed the link to your dedicated landing page.

Example of LinkedIn Sponsored Content
An Example Showing Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Ads

If you want your message to land directly in front of your target audience, LinkedIn InMail is your best option! As InMail does not have a visual element like the two types of ads discussed above, it requires more personalization and a friendly voice.
Example Showing Received InMail

Target the Right Audience for Your LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn allows you to set filters to target people based on:

  • Company name or company size
  • Industry
  • Occupational status, degree, or skill
  • Gender and/or age


This advanced feature allows marketers to curate compelling content for relevant audiences and drive more conversions.

Budget Your Linked Ads

Just like any social platform, LinkedIn ad prices are based on an online auction system. The campaign objective you choose to go with will determine the ad formats, bidding strategies, and optimization goals that best fit your campaign. You can choose your campaign type, objectives, and ad audience to serve your content to those that will find it most relevant.

If your ads win against other competitors who choose the same ad type and target audience, the message will be delivered to your desired audiences

Build, Launch, Monitor!

It’s imperative to constantly review how your ads are working. LinkedIn’s Conversion Tracking tool can help you measure your results based on the post-click and view-through of your LinkedIn campaigns. You can also switch between ad format to identify which content is working for you and which type of ads bring more traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Ads with Measurable Results

LinkedIn Ads are often considered time-consuming and can be overwhelming to comprehensively build, create, launch, and maintain. With Maven Collective Marketing’s expertise in running different types of LinkedIn campaigns for various purposes and audiences, like boosting webinar registration, driving brand awareness, and generating warmer leads, the Mavens can assist you with your LinkedIn Advertising Strategy all the way through execution and reporting.


Beyond LinkedIn ads, Maven Collective Marketing is also the full-service B2B digital marketing agency that can build your brand far beyond social media marketing. If you are seeking an award-winning agency that delivers measurable results and tested expertise as an extension of your team, look no further.

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