The Essential B2B Case Study Elements to Win New Business


Attract the right prospects with a compelling B2B case study by uncovering must-have case study elements below.

The Essential B2B Case Study Elements to Win New Business

Attract the right prospects with a compelling B2B case study by uncovering must-have case study elements below.

B2B Case Study Essentials to Convert Prospects

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Intended Audience: B2B Business Owners, SaaS-Based Business Owners, Microsoft Partners 

Have you ever wondered what encourages prospective customers to interact with your business? Many factors come into play in the decision-making process and validated customer reviews are a proven catalyst toward the final purchasing decision. So, what better way to give your B2B leads the full customer story than through a case study that dives deep into your expertise and problem-solving skills?


Case studies are considered a primary resource in B2B content marketing strategy. In addition, real-life examples and proof of your work take your solution pitch to the next level, but creating the perfect case study is an art. Here are the most integral components that make for an impactful B2B case study:

1. Exhibit Transformative Benefits

Your case study should clearly define the problem statement of your customer as well as establish your resolution strategy. Structure your case study in a manner such that it addresses all the challenges of your customer with noteworthy solutions. It is important to highlight your capabilities that are most impactful and how these features enhanced a customer’s experience.


On top of that, make sure there is no ambiguity when you talk about the stakes of the project. Be detailed, and tell the full story right from identifying the problem(s), to strategizing for a solution and finally seeing the plan of action to fruition.


You must include:

  • Who is the customer and what do they do?
  • What were the customer’s problems and objectives?
  • Most importantly, how did you satisfy those needs and help the customer meet their goals?
b2b case study elements - informative and insightful
Spare No Detail in Your B2B Case Study

2. Stay Informative Throughout the B2B Case Study

Do not confuse your B2B case study with a sales pitch. It is your duty to educate your audience and inform them of the process with which you were able to support similar organizations. Present your customer’s experience as a narrative and give valuable insights as you clearly establish the benefits of working with you.

3. Maintain a Compassionate Tone

The writing style and the tone of the B2B case study have an impact on the reader. Throughout the document, you want to speak to your audience and convey empathy for their technological struggles. The language and tone of voice should assure your prospective leads that you are the right choice to help them through their business operations.

4. Spotlight the Customer’s Experience

B2B case studies and customer testimonials go hand in hand. A case study is incomplete without the validation of the customer. After all, the customer is king, right? Do not shy away from sharing your customer’s thoughts on working with your team. Try and have multiple members of the customer organization share their opinion to show unanimity. Reading positive experiences of others helps nudge the prospect in the right direction.

5. Quantify Your Results

b2b case study elements - measurable results
Show Measurable Results in Your B2B Case Study

Be as specific as possible with your results. Adding quantitative data to your B2B case study adds more weightage and value to it. You may have resolved all your customer’s pain points, but if you are unable to back it up with measurable results, it will be hard for leads to be convinced. Even qualitative achievements can be translated into statistics, so you must include concrete data on savings, revenue gains, sales growth, the boost in employee satisfaction and productivity, and so on.

6. Design & Format the B2B Case Study for Readability

A B2B case study must captivate your target audience at every turn. You must ensure the format is easily scannable and yet enticing enough to not overlook the details. Aim to write your case study in short paragraphs and use bullet points to break down critical data. A rule of thumb, highlight all key areas such as customer testimonials and the statistical impact of your work to stand out from the rest of the content.
b2b case study elements - design
Create a Captivating Design For Your B2B Case Study

7. Invite Your Readers to Act

Towards the end of the B2B case study, your goal is to direct your leads to take an action. Finish off strong by encouraging your readers to take the next step and get a piece of the action.

Convert Prospects with Maven Collective’s B2B Case Study Expertise

Case studies play a crucial role in a buyer’s journey through the purchasing funnel. At this juncture, they are looking out for substantial evidence to help make their decision. Thus, B2B case studies are instrumental in showing them a clear picture of how your services can alleviate their pain points.


Maven Collective Marketing is a leader in business copywriting and we know what it takes to boost that conversion rate. There are several steps to creating a great B2B case study and the Maven Collective team will manage the complete lifecycle, from conducting customer interviews to designing and making the document available online as a downloadable asset. Talk to a Maven today!

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