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B2B Business Awards: The Underestimated B2B Marketing & PR Tool

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Award ceremonies are more than just a red carpet, a trophy, and a speech, especially in the B2B and technology industry. B2B Awards and competitions for companies are a powerful way to get recognition in your field of expertise.

This recognition is often underestimated by businesses as they are skeptical of the resource investment that goes into preparing a nomination submission. Let us change that for you and show you why it is worth the effort. Since, both the B2B and technology industry is highly competitive; opportunities like business awards become even more essential to help stand out in the market.

Let’s briefly glance over the types of awards and then dive straight into the advantages of entering business awards.

Ranging from local, national to international, awards of all kinds are available, they can be industry-based or narrowed down to a particular criterion. So, no matter the size of your business or the impact of your service, there is something for everyone. If you are a B2B company, you should definitely be exploring awards relevant to your business to achieve that edge over your competitors.

What is the Significance of B2B Awards?  

There are many benefits to submitting your B2B company for an award:

Earn Credibility 

Think of awards as a stamp of approval for your business. What is it that your audience is recognizing when you enter or win an award? Your expertise, knowledge, expertise and know-how! Just by entering for an award, you are able to showcase that your product or service is worth knowing and talking about. It is a great way to get larger audiences to learn more about what you do and gain credibility for your work in your industry.

Level the Playing Field 

No matter the scale of your business, there is an award out there for you. In fact, many awards allow businesses of varying sizes to compete against each other. In this case, a small startup could be pitched against a larger enterprise. What matters here is your unique solution, process/approach and business model.

Motivate Employees 

b2b award winning team
B2B Award Winning Team

All that hard work that organizations channel towards their services deserves attention. Awards are a great way to boost the morale of your team and keep them motivated to deliver quality results time and again. These wins are very important for teams and you should not hold back in celebrating together.

Attract Customers 

Business Awards can bring in new customers and open new avenues for your business. A lot of award organizers provide media coverage to winners, which can help your company get more attention, so enter the arena and increase your market share.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy 

Of course, we know that companies enter with the aim to win, but you can repurpose your award submissions for other marketing opportunities too. Once you have won the award you can utilize its PR toolkit of award badges, certification, and other components to update your own marketing material.

  • Engagement and Brand Awareness – Having an award logo on your website, company-client documentation, and social media channels helps with brand awareness regarding your achievements and drive engagement for your product.
  • Link Building – Winning an award can get you featured on reputable websites with high traffic, in turn, impacting your website’s organic search performance.
  • Content Marketing – You shouldn’t think that all your efforts towards writing that perfect submission come to an end with the award. You can make use of your submission and create various kinds of content around it like a case study, multiple B2B blogs, short video clips, or even conduct a live webinar session that talks about how you attained your project goals.

When is the Best Time to Enter a B2B Award?  

If you think you have missed out, don’t worry, award season isn’t limited to a single month of the year. Since there are so many different types of business and technology awards, they are all open for nominations at different times of the year.

Consider your B2B award nominations it an ongoing effort, honing the nomination pitch after pitch. This is not as time-consuming as it sounds, you could subscribe to business press or just do a simple sweep at the beginning of each quarter to keep yourself abreast on forthcoming business awards.

Once you know the deadlines and requirements for the award you are aiming for, it is important to make sure you have enough time and resources to prepare for the submission. We understand that with so many ongoing projects and customers to serve, it can be hard to make the time for this as well. That’s where the Mavens come in.

Captivating Business Awards Submissions with Maven Collective

The Maven Collective team is fully equipped to draft a compelling submission for you. Not only are we an award-winning marketing team ourselves, but we have also helped many clients successfully enter several B2B and technology awards and win!

b2b award for maven collective clients
B2B Award Winning Submissions

Each year the Mavens work with clients to create captivating submissions for prestigious awards like the Microsoft Inspire/Impact Awards, Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Awards, FastCompany Innovation by Design Awards, Ragan and PR Daily Awards, StepTwo Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards, BC Tech Technology Impact Awards, Les Prix Canie Awards, and the Web Excellence Awards to name a few.

With the Neilson Norman Group Intranet Design Awards submission deadline fast approaching, we are actively curating some riveting applications for our clients.

From our experience, we have learned how demanding award nomination proposals can be, but we also understand what it takes to create a notable, award-winning entry. Starting right from strategizing your approach to weaving storytelling and testimonials into your submission. We extract the right information from you teams and your clients that allows you to shine in a way your organization hasn’t before. Let us be your storyteller and build your captivating award nomination you and your team will be proud of.

business award winning b2b marketing agency
An Award Winning B2B Marketing Team

If you would like us to guide you through any B2B, technology, or product innovation award submissions, check out our Business Awards Submission Service or send us your queries at today!

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