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Is Your B2B Tech Company Due for a Rebrand?

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Rebranding is exactly what the word suggests, giving your brand a new identity. Developing a new identity can be a challenge for established organizations that have grown attached to their existing brand. However, your brand is more than just symbols and a name, it is the sum of your vision, culture, mission, products/services, customers, and even prospective customers.

But, why? After all, building any brand’s persona takes time and is done after careful consideration, so why would you change all this. You have a point, but we at Maven Collective Marketing want to give you another perspective on what rebranding can mean for a B2B technology company.

Why is Rebranding Important?

Businesses grow and evolve over time, and it becomes essential to ensure that your brand is keeping pace. Especially in the rapidly evolving technology industry, staying current determines your relevance in the marketplace. Rebranding allows you to make meaningful changes that infuse your business with new energy.

You should investigate rebranding if it feels like your business is outgrowing its original vision and mission, and/or if your niche market has become increasingly more saturated with competition. There are also times when organizations should consider a brand overhaul to overcome a poor reputation.

Out with the old, In with the New?

Rebranding is a journey you should only embark on with a purpose. It is not a filler project you take on just because you are bored of how your brand looks. Keep that in mind and start by understanding your business values and how they may have changed over time. You have probably added/expanded new service offerings over the years or are trying to capture a new audience segment with your new and shiny SaaS product. A rebrand is an effective way to expand your reach in such cases.

Once you have carefully examined your current position in the market only then you should make informed decisions about overhauling your brand image.

start rebranding with a new strategy
Redesign Your Branding Strategy

A brand refresh brings about several benefits for a B2B technology company, take a look:

Reconnect with Your Audience & Build New Ties

When you refresh the brand, it gives you a new chance to reconnect with your target audience and customer base. By presenting them with a new vision and fresh perspective you are able to show how you have grown over the years. This is also a good opportunity to go after a new market segment with your refreshed look. Sometimes, repositioning oneself in the industry is a creative way to create a buzz in the market and garner more interest from prospective customers.

Modernize and Stay Current

Design trends change over time and so will the direction you choose for your brand identity as the years go by. Businesses often underplay the role of design, but it impacts how you and your work are perceived. Therefore, by maintaining a contemporary look you ensure that your audience knows that you are aware of current trends.

Create a New Vision

Giving yourself a new look is only a part of the package. You can also alter your vision and mission statement, alongside your brand messaging, to better serve your customers. If you are redefining your target audience, a brand refresh enables a smooth transition towards a new vision. You can take this leap to shift the focus of your services and solutions towards those more relevant to your segment.

update your website for a rebrand
Update Your Website for a New Look

Differentiate Your Brand

Competition is high wherever you go and the B2B technology industry is already a saturated market. So, after years of serving customers, rebranding is an effective way to ensure people know of your presence and impact. Revamping the look and feel of your business with a more appealing personality will help you establish yourself as the industry leader.

Raise that Bottom Line

After investing time and resources into curating a successful brand refresh strategy your business could see a boost in the overall performance and profitability, if done strategically and correctly. As you showcase your expertise in a new light, stand out in the sea of competitors and expand the reach of your offerings, positive results will roll in!

What’s in a Rebrand?

Rebranding has several moving parts. Some of the major changes that take place include logo update, possibly a name change, website redesign, and updating all visual assets for the organization. To be honest, we all know it is not an overnight transformation but one that is gradually molded over time.

transform your website with a rebrand
Refresh Your Brand Persona with the Mavens

If you are willing to explore this new path for your organization but can’t find the time to get started, leave it to the Mavens! We have extensive experience in giving established B2B tech companies the marketing overhaul that sets them apart from their competition. They have relied on us for giving their work a new look and feel, and we have delivered measurable results. Reach out to us for a free consultation today!

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