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Lead to Customer: B2B Marketing Strategy

You struggle to attract new prospective customers. Your brand messaging doesn't represent the value and benefits you deliver to your clients/customers. You haven't discovered, mapped or planned the buyer journey from lead to customer, which means it is unrepeatable. Starting your B2B digital marketing journey with B2B marketing experts that have worked with dozens of B2B businesses, just like yours, overcome these challenges and plateaus, with expertise you can measure.

Maven Collective Marketing is the go-to B2B Digital Marketing Services + Strategy agency that takes your business from A to Z with marketing strategy, website strategy, lead generation, buyer journey architecture, marketing automation, nurture marketing strategy, content marketing and much more. The Mavens become your go-to Digital Marketing Strategist or a natural extension of your marketing team to organize and pull projects over the finish line.

Benefit from Years of B2B Marketing Experience

B2B Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy Consulting
SEO/SEM Strategy Coaching
Content Marketing Strategy Coaching
Branding & Brand Development Consulting
Nurture Marketing Strategy Coaching
Conversion /Lead Generation Strategy Consulting
Digital Website Audits/Analysis & Recommendations

B2B Digital Marketing

Website Navigation / Information Architecture
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Video Marketing Optimization
Linking Building / Article Writing
Blogging & Fresh Content

B2B Content Marketing

Keyword Research/Keyword Planning
SEO Webpage Copywriting
Lead Generation Asset Creation
Landing Page A/B Split Testing
SEM Article Writing
SEM Link Building
SEO Blogging

“Where do I start? My experience working with Maven Collective has restored my faith in the power of marketing. They deeply understand today’s buyer. They know that to create qualified leads, you must mirror the buyer’s journey. Every piece of marketing collateral has been crafted to educate and entice.“Rayna O'Neil, VP of Sales, BONZAI Intranet

B2B Marketers that Drive Meaningful Results

B2B Brand Messaging

Brand Development
Brand Differentiation
Brand Value Audit
Brand Messaging Framework
Brand DNA
Brand Case Studies

B2B Email Marketing

Nurture Drip Email Campaigns
Trigger Email Campaigns
Event Email Campaigns
Niche/Industry Email Campaigns
Recapture Email Campaigns
Marketing Bounceback Email Campaigns
Email A/B Split Testing

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Strategy Marketing Automation SelectionMarketing Automation ImplementationLead Segmentation & Lead ScoringDrip/Nurture Email Campaign Creation
Database Management, Cleansing & Strategy

How We Work

1Are you ready to get started working with Maven Collective Marketing? We'd love to! First, we will meet with you 1-on-1 with a short FREE consultation. Don't be intimidated, we just want to get to know you, your business, your values and your goals to see how we align with you.

2 Next, if we agree we are a good match, we will review your goals and current marketing metrics to create a recommendation on how we move forward as partners to help you transform your marketing results to align with the goals you want to achieve and the direction your business is headed.

3We meet with you once more, briefly, to make sure we are all on the same page to agree on expectations, project scopes and realistic timelines (this involves some light paperwork to solidify our partnership). Then we are set - we become an extension of you team and you join our Maven Collective Marketing client family. Welcome aboard mate!

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