Client Case Story: BONZAI Intranet

The Client

BONZAI, an intranet software product founded in 2014 by Dynamic Owl Consulting, was acquired and is now a Skyvera Company with ESW Capital.

BONZAI engaged Maven Collective Marketing to redefine their digital marketing strategy, brand positioning, go-to market messaging, lead generation strategy and overall buyer journey. This was just the beginning as Maven Collective worked side-by-side BONZAI to define and market an award-winning digital workplace solution.

BONZAI - B2B Marketing Strategy Client
BONZAI - B2B Content Marketing Client

— Rayna O’Neil
VP of Sales, BONZAI

“Where do I start? My experience working with Maven Collective has restored my faith in the power of marketing. They deeply understand today’s buyer. They know that to create qualified leads, you must mirror the buyer’s journey. Every piece of marketing collateral has been crafted to educate and entice. “

The Challenge

BONZAI quickly identified that both marketing and growth strategy differed for a product company than a consulting service company. Bonzai Intranet were struggling to effectively define their marketing strategy and position their brand in a crowded marketplace.

What’s more, BONZAI Intranet needed a robust lead generation strategy to attract and nurture qualified large SMB and Enterprise sized prospective customers consistently.

BONZAI Intranet were ready to establish themselves as a market leader in the intranet space, but didn’t know how to position and promote themselves to do so.

The Services

Buyer Journey Audit
Digital Marketing Audit
Brand Repositioning
SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Lead Generation Strategy
Conversion Optimization Strategy
Event/Conference Marketing
Thought Leadership Marketing
CMO for Hire

Email Nurture Marketing
Paid Advertising Strategy
Launch New Brand
Website Redesign

The Solution

BONZAI Intranet hired Maven Collective Marketing to identify strategic marketing issues and devise and implement a strategy to address these brand positioning, lead generation, SEO/SEM, team alignment, website performance and buyer journey tracking/architecture.

First, identifying the priority issues through a proprietary Digital Marketing / Buyer Journey Audit, Maven Collective Marketing was able to formulate a plan, strategies and long-term vision to help BONZAI achieve their goal of positioning themselves as an Intranet & Digital Workplace Thought Leadership Hub while consistently attracting Enterprise-Level Qualified Prospective Buyers and successfully nurturing these buyers from lead to new customer.

The Results = Outcomes

BONZAI - B2B Marketing Strategy & B2B Website Client
BONZAI - B2B Content Marketing Client

— Michal Pisarek,
Co-Founder, BONZAI

“Maven Collective worked with the BONZAI team leading the marketing efforts to help drive leads, public awareness and thought leadership. Not only is she awesome to work with being both smart and pragmatic but her attitude, work ethic and ability to deal with conflict is second to none. “